Cargocliff: Carving A Niche With A Focus On Customer-Centricity & Innovation

Kanika Sharma & Neeraj Chelawat,   DirectorsIn the vast world of global trade, the Freight Forwarding industry stood as a crucial bridge, facilitating the smooth movement of goods and products across borders. With each passing day, the demand for efficient logistics solutions grew, pushing the industry toward significant growth and innovation. However, this path was challenging, especially for startups seeking to carve a niche in this highly competitive sector. Amidst this backdrop of opportunity and adversity, one Indian startup took up the challenge and set out to make waves in the Freight Forwarding industry. Cargocliff embarked on an entrepreneurial journey driven by a vision of providing customer-oriented, efficient, and reliable freight forwarding solutions.

The inception story of Cargocliff is a tale of courage and determination. Fueled by a burning desire to leave behind their nine-to-five jobs and create something of their own, the founders stepped out of their comfort zones. They believed in their expertise and skills, envisioning a space for them selves in the industry. Yet, the first year of Cargocliff’s existence proved to be a roller coaster ride. The market conditions rapidly evolved, compressing business cycles to a mere year. Building trust and gaining customers confidence presented a formidable challenge within this dynamic landscape. As a

newcomer, Cargocliff had to prove its ability to handle cargo efficiently and overcome the skepticism surrounding young startups.

“We embraced a core value of customer-centricity, putting customers to deliver the best services most effectively, catering to each client’s unique needs", says Neeraj Chelawat, Director of Cargocliff. This unwavering dedication resulted in an impressive 80 to 90 percent customer retention rate, setting Cargocliff apart from its competitors. The pillars of their success lay in their unwavering emphasis on customers, an experienced and dedicated team, strong relationships with shipping vendors, and sound financial management. By keeping its focus on these critical areas, the startup aimed to sustain its competitive edge.

The journey of Cargocliff in the Freight Forwarding industry stands as a testament to the power of customer centricity, dedication, & trust-building

Throughout its first year, Cargocliff focused on traditional freight forwarding while specializing in long term contracts with shipping lines, bringing cost-saving benefits to its customers. In addition, the company targeted African trade-level sectors, handling special equipment and hazardous cargo. In recognizing the importance of technology in the modern business landscape, Cargocliff collaborates with platforms offering end-to-end shipment visibility, allowing customers to track their cargo easily. This tech-driven approach aims to provide customers with trade options and a one-stop solution for all their freight forwarding needs. The diverse range of services, coupled with their customer-centric approach, formed Cargocliff’s unique selling propositions, enabling them to cater effectively to a wide range of client requirements.

Cargocliff’s growth strategy encompasses expanding beyond ocean freight. The startup envisions diversifying its offerings to include warehousing, customs services, air freight, trade finance, and more. The journey of Cargocliff in the Freight Forwarding industry stands as a testament to the power of customer-centricity, dedication, and trust-building. Despite its young age, the startup’s exponential growth and impressive customer retention rate pave the way for a promising future. As it continues to leverage technology and maintain a customer-focused approach, Cargo cliff is poised to make a significant impact in the Indian freight forwarding landscape for years to come.