Frozen Bottle: Serving Memories

Pranshul Yadav, Director,  Arun Suvarna, Founder &,Srihari Parthasarathy, Head Of Business Development

Pranshul Yadav, Director, Arun Suvarna, Founder &

Srihari Parthasarathy, Head Of Business Development

Food is the most exciting and a highly trending topic in business these days. From supply chain efficiency to sustainability, challenges in the food industry are bountiful but between advancements in technology and ingredient innovation, new ventures have the potential to address many of these issues while satisfying changing consumer tastes. More and more young consumers in India are searching for good and different brand experiences be it good food, good drink good music and good company. This shift in the worldview of Indians has led to the emergence of many more successful startups the founders of which are more eager to realize the full potential of their company with themselves at its helm.

One such new age startup that has been able to reach out to new consumers is Frozen Bottle one of India's trendiest milkshake brands. Started off from Bengaluru it is now in over 17 cities in India with 120+ outlets and aims to open up over 200 outlets in the next two years. Frozen Bottle as a brand believes in innovation and engaging the consumers on frequent basis. “We started off as a milkshake brand but as we grew, we realized that we need to constantly engage with our consumers. In today’s date, a brand needs to engage and innovate to keep their consumers happy and satisfied. We realized
in our journey that we don’t want to be just termed as a milkshake brand,” says Pranshul Yadav, Founder.

With a vision and mission to grow,learn serve and revolutionize the frozen dessert scene in and around India Frozen Bottle is an ever-growing plethora. It serves a wide variety of frozen desserts, signature thick shakes and one of its kind ice cream jars that are 100 percent vegetarian. “Our best sellers would be shakes and cake Jars. Recently we have introduced hot chocolate shots which have grabbed enormous attention on social media,” he mentions.

Started off from Bengaluru it is now in over 17 cities in India with 120+ outlets and aims to open up over 200 outlets in the next two years

There is constant innovation in the entire product line which consists of Shakes, Stone jars, Cake Jars Scoops sundaes waffles and hot chocolate shots. “The raw materials that we use in our brand are standard across the country and our entire brand SOPs are standardized across all formats. By this our quality remains the same across all the outlets. Hence the taste almost remains the same across all our outlets. This is the reason why we could sell over 650,000 products in a month with a growth of 10 percent month on month,” shares Arun Suvarna, Founder.

The Journey
Conquering the initial challenges, Frozen Bottle has marketed itself only emphasizing the quality and the range of products that it has. “We are closing this year with an approximate turnover of 40 Cr top line. Our gross billing value is 55 crores plus in today’s date. We are present in Karnataka,Tamil Nadu Kerala, Telangana, Andhra, Maharashtra, Assam, Rajasthan, Goa, Delhi and Noida. We are expanding our brand majorly now in Delhi and other parts of East,”informs Srihari, Business Development.

Some of the recent milestones that Frozen Bottle has achieved include Indian Restaurant Awards - Best Juice/Shake Parlour of the Year - 29th August 2017, Top 100 Brands SutraHR, An Inspiring story of a man from Small town, to now leaving his mark across Pan India!- The Weekend leader.

“We are looking very seriously into the healthy segment. We are also concentrating a lot on our ice creams and looking at a couple of products in the FMCG line. We are in line to be having about 800 outlets in all formats in the next three years,” they conclude.