FSAS Health & Beauty: Ushering in Natural, Clean & Ethical Cosmetics That are Good for You

Monis Siddiqui,    Founder & CEO

Monis Siddiqui

Founder & CEO

Taking care of one’s beauty is a regular affair however, how alert are we in what we use on our bodies? Human skin absorbs what we put on it almost immediately, which necessitates that we remain aware of what is going in. On an average, people often tend to use a myriad of beauty products every day, unknowingly exposing themselves to a wide variety of chemicals. To counter this traditional norm, we have plant derived and organic skin care which are changing the skin care landscape greatly. Apart from their healthy and plant derived ingredients they are also sustainable, environmentally friendly and ethically produced.

Presenting FSAS Health and Beauty, a beauty and wellness brand that is profoundly changing the mainstream beauty and skincare notions. FSAS is a brand that works with the slogan ‘we care inside out’. The company aims to offer niche products that are made of plant derived ingredients to its customers. The brand also aims to holistically solve the day-to-day issues faced by customers. It strives to help them use products that are curated with only plant based ingredients and has no hidden side effect.

Targeting the Niche Market with All-Natural Products
With more than five decades of experience in herbs and natural medicines, their offerings cater to the wellness aspirations of people by fashioning natural products, crafted with a blend of essential vitamins, botanicals and minerals to bring forth healing and restoration to skin and body without being detrimental to mother earth. Nature renders radiance, which is why they ethically source clean ingredients to manufacture plant derived products and encourage sustainable self-care with healthy indulgence. With an extensive assortment of grooming and health products, FSAS caters to the appetite of avid, well-being conscious skincare buyers and wellness enthusiasts.

“FSAS is one of few brands in world trying to make products which have high percentage of plant derived ingredients and enjoys great achievement of having one of thee main products which is mist and it is 99 percent plant derived. It's also the only Indian product to protect you from screen emitting light which is called blue light”, says Monis Siddiqui, Founder and CEO, FSAS Health and Beauty.

Predominantly being an eco-friendly beauty and wellness brand, FSAS Health and Beauty offers a trending beauty care range that has scientifically proven healthy, cruelty free skincare products for a well-groomed, wholesome existence.

Unmatched Product Quality
FSAS ensures that your skin is their priority by delivering only the best. The ingredients used in its skincare products are of the same standard as organic food. These include an absence of harsh chemicals like phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, and parabens, pesticides, or fertilizers. Cheap fillers are more likely to cause harm than good. In the short run, synthetic ingredients could have an effect that makes the skin look brighter, but in the long haul, they can cause irritation, sensitivity, and clogged pores. FSAS chooses
ingredients that work in harmony with the bodies by choosing organic ingredients that allow the skin to balance and recover.

“We are the only brand in India to make blue light protection face mist having anti-pollution qualities. We use harmless alcohol-free fragrances and make sure of quality standards of all our products. Moreover, every product offered by us is Dermatologically tested for upmost standards. We stand ahead in the market not only because of our product quality by also because we offer the products that customers are really in need of in today’s time” he adds.

FSAS ethically sources clean ingredients to manufacture plant-derived products and encourages sustainable selfcare with healthy indulgence. We care inside out

Although the list of products offered by the company is quite long, its face mist and face cream have proven to be its hero products followed by face wash and body cream that they offer. In addition, its all-natural hand wash has also shone above many products irrespective of being one of the niche products in the market. This validates the fact that customers are shifting towards quality plant derived products and FSAS is seamlessly leading the market by catering the need of the customers. FSAS is a brand that believes in bringing a revolution in the skin care industry by making plant derived skin care products for customers.

It constantly innovates its formulations as per the needs in the market and to offer the best natural skin care products to its customers. It handcrafts products that can be used by people of all age groups, all around the year with no side effect. Plus, all its products are unisex and for all skin types. "As a brand we are often amazed to see customer trust and satisfaction from the brand. Customers who once try our products never tend to use any other product available in the market. That’s the value we offer". he adds.

The Founder & his Strives
FSAS Health and Beauty being the brainchild of Monis Siddiqui has grown exponentially since its inception. It was his idea of providing plant derived products to customers and started working with a team of doctors on the formulations and along with them handcrafted the best product for the market. Coming from a family with decades of experience in herbs and natural ingredients, Monis was well-aware of the right steps and strategies for the business and thus uplifted the business to great heights in a very short period.He got the best quilt ingredients, implemented strict quality checks and kept customer satisfaction and brand experience at the top of his priority list. He also contributed to the marketing strives of the company along with building strong customer relations and thus there was no looking back.

“As a young student in London, I saw a good deal of people being drawn towards natural cosmetics and skincare.

This Instantly drew my attention to do something bigger. After years’ worth of research and experience of my 50 years old family business in natural medicine & herbs, I created FSAS to deliver my customers innovative products. Products that are strictly plant-derived with sustainable business practices”, Monis adds.

Through FSAS’s strict set of criteria, which includes not only the formulation product formulation mandates but they are also critically mindful of the environment, sustainability and packaging. Their one main goal is to help consumers find skin care that fully meet their expectations of organic and natural. Some of their popular products are Vanilla & Vitamin-E Nourishing Shampoo, Face Hydrator Enriched with Olive & Vitamin-E, Green Tea & Turmeric Foaming Face Cleanser with Aquatic Freshness, Green Tea & Cinnamon Face Cleanser with Green Mandarins & Bergamot Lemons, Rose Face Mist with Blue Light Protection, Apple & Vitamin-E Shower Gel With Green Mandarins & Bergamot Lemon et al.

FSAS is set to launch more products in the coming years including body milk and new variations of face mists. It is also working towards enhancing the health department of the brand and aiming at coming up with daily health supplements for day-to-day well-being of its customers. Right now, FSAS is selling its products across India and has exciting plans to promote its Indian made and formulated skin care products in the middle eastern countries and Europe as well.

“FSAS is leading the way to a healthier and plant-derived skin care world, where beauty is redefined in the most honest way possible”, Monis concludes.