FurrMeals: The Best Functional Diet For Your Furry Mate!

Sujata Bhattacharya,    FounderFood is one of the biggest challenges for every pet parent and their growing awareness about healthy and natural eating for themselves is now being translated towards their pets as well. As a result, we are witnessing a rising trend of natural and preservative-free products in the Indian pet food market. As pet parents realize the benefits that natural fresh food offers over a dry kibble diet, they prefer to switch to gluten-free, grain-free and is some cases even a raw food diets for their pets. The pet parents’ interest in buying healthier and nutritious foods for their pets is boosting the sale of different types of pet foods, leading to the launch of many new and innovative pet food products.

"With thousands of pet parents trusting FurrMeals for their pet’s nutritional needs, FurrMeals is growing into one of the most trusted Natural & Fresh Pet Food brand in India"

Purely Natural & Preservative Free
Nutritional value of the food and its health benefits is one of the biggest concerns of new age pet parents. Palatability of the food is another big apprehension. Addressing all these concerns, in August 2018, FurrMeals launched its range of 100% natural, humangrade, preservative free, vet approved, Ready-to-Eat Meals for dogs of all ages. Available in 6 exciting flavors in Chicken, Lamb & Cottage Cheese, these meals are not just loved by dogs because of their taste and aroma, but are also high in protein and all the essential nutrients that are important for dogs.

We are pioneers in launching category-creating products that are natural, healthy and highly palatable. Using the latest retort technology to package our meals, we launched our range of Ready-to-Eat Meals that need no refrigeration. Besides our range of Ready-to-Eat Meals, natural treats &
jerkies, we have another category creating product FurrMeals Chicken Bone Broth. Launched for the first time in India, FurrMeals Chicken Bone Broth for Dogs & Cats is a Ready-to-Serve, natural supplement that is highly nutritious and has tremendous healing powers. It is a perfect addition to every meal, especially for fussy eaters and pets with bone health issues”, says founder, Sujata Bhattacharya.

Adding to its line of nutritious product range, FurrMeals is soon to launch Wet Meal Toppers. Prepared with 100% natural, human grade fresh ingredients, these Meal Toppers will offer a convenient and hassle-free way to pet parents to add natural and high protein complimentary toppers on their existing dog food.

With An Impressive Product Portfolio, That Caters To Every Food Related Need Of Pet Parents, Furrmeals Is Delivering Healthier Results For Pets Across India

With its unique offering of functional food & treat range available Pan India, FurrMeals has made pet parents realize the joy of raising healthy and active pets. By addressing the needs of pet parents, through innovative product development, FurrMeals is making sure that pet parents are now free to enjoy their time with their pets rather than fret over what to feed them for a healthier and longer life.

With an impressive product portfolio, that caters to every food related need of pet parents, FurrMeals is delivering healthier results for pets across India. Besides being available online on their website, Amazon, Flipkart and all the leading pet online stores, FurrMeals products are also available in leading veterinary clinics and pet stores across India. With a dedicated and committed team of pet loving professionals, who are passionate towards pet health, FurrMeals has been able to create an impressive customer base and is one of the leading brands in the fresh pet food category.

The pandemic has led to a sudden boost in pet adoption, especially amongst the urban population. With the growing trend of pet-humanization, higher disposable income and increased awareness of pet health, there is an increasing demand for natural pet foods that are free of genetically modified organisms, artificial colors and flavors. Pet parents are more interested in buying functional pet food that promote better health amongst pets. FurrMeals is also operating in the space of functional pet food and treat category and is poised to witness a massive growth in the coming years.