Fusion Waste Management & Consultancy: Leading The Path To Sustainability & Innovation

 Amit Mishra,   Managing Director

Amit Mishra

Managing Director

Waste management has emerged as a critical issue in recent years. With this, the launch of the Swachh Bharat Mission in 2014 has significantly accelerated efforts in waste management In India. In tandem with the movement, Fusion Waste Management and Consultancy has been catering to a wide range of clients, primarily urban local bodies such as municipal corporations and town councils. These clients seek to generate awareness, and address challenges at different stages of waste management. Fusion is also a leading firm working in Swachh Bharat Mission including Swachh Survekshan, Garbage Free Star Rating, ODF/ODF+/ODF++/Water+, Used Water Management and Sanitation. Challenges include waste segregation and collection, infrastructural limitations, and the need for regulatory compliance.

To meet client expectations, Fusion Waste Management conducts surveys, analyzes results, and provides tailored solutions. The company focuses on generating awareness and driving behavioral change through activities at various levels, such as communities, residential welfare associations, and educational institutions. Additionally, the company suggests models like the Triple P(Public-Private Partnership) or build-operate-transfer to address infrastructural limitations. Urban Local bodies like Khandwa, Chhindwara and Ujjain secured national awards and improved their rank to top 20 ULBs in Swachh Survekshans after the intervention of Fusion. Chhindwara has become cleanest city of Madhya Pradesh in Swachh Survekshan 2022 in its population category.

Fusion Waste Management and Consultancy offers sustainable solutions with a circular economy approach. Their expertise includes waste management, regulatory compliance, cost effective solutions, and technology integration. The goal is to transition away from the traditional linear'take-make dispose' model and promote a more sustainable and restorative economy. Fusion also caters towards mitigating climate change by focusing on Reducing Emissions, Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Materials Management, Carbon Sequestration, carbon credits, Reduced Waste and Methane Emissions, Fostering a Low-Carbon Economy, and more.

Fusion believes that 'Waste is not trash rather it is Wealth'. Through strategic partnerships and joint ventures, such as the one with Grant Thornton, Rudraksh, Atulya Infra, Fin Trust, and more. Fusion Waste Management has positioned itself as a young and vibrant startup with a promising track record. The company’s focus is on optimizing resource utilization, reducing environmental impact, and delivering cost-effective customized solutions to businesses and communities. The company envisions becoming a global leader in waste management consultancy and operations, promoting circular economy and innovative and sustainable solutions worldwide.

Fusion Waste Management adheres to the principles of RRR(reducing, reusing, & recycling)in its pursuit of a sustainable future

Fusion Waste Management recognizes that turning waste to wealth, spreading awareness, and driving behavioral change are crucial for sustainable waste management. By engaging with leaders at different levels, such as people’s representatives, ward councilors, Mayors, MLAs, and government officers, as well as partnering with educational institutions and organizations like NSS, NCC and NYKS, the company aims to increase awareness and promote responsible waste management practices.

The success of Fusion Waste Management is attributed to its highly skilled and diverse team of professionals. Led by Amit Mishra the managing director, who has extensive experience in both finance and waste management sectors, the team combines expertise across every spectrum of waste management.

“As we move forward, we plan to expand our operations by establishing electrical and electronic waste (e-waste) and plastic waste processing plants. Within the next year, the company aims to partner with clients in waste processing while exploring potential collaborations with major companies and government bodies. We also intend to venture into legacy waste management and leverage schemes like CSR and MSME for further growth. We will continue to firmly adhere to the principles of RRR (reducing, reusing, and recycling) in its pursuit of a sustainable future", concludes Amit Mishra, Managing Director.