GaadiBooking: User-friendly & Robust Car Rental Marketplace Platform

Vikas Kulkarni & Bhaskar Dewal, Co-Founders

(L-R): Bhaskar Dewal & Vikas Kulkarni,

The surfacing opportunities in the transport aggregator domains have resulted in the flaring-up of a great number of start ups. This provision has beyond doubt facilitated the both proprietors and the travellers but on the hand the fissure within the ecosystem has created a disarray in its smooth functioning. Vikas Kulkarni and Bhaskar Dewal singled out this gap and initiated to resolve it through their remarkable venture GaadiBooking – one of India’s first Outstation Car rental Marketplace providing Power of Choice to Customers improving overall service levels and achieve higher customer satisfaction. The services and operating methods of this company is at variance than any other car aggregators. The company does not only furnish cars, to express in words, it is an online marketplace which succours the service providers with acute liberty of registering and providing car rental services at their own desired price facilitating the Freedom of Business. As a market place it offers a wide array of options to the customers to choose the correct vehicle fitting their budget and requirement. Besides this, it bestows extra perquisites like service providers ratings, Transparent billing, Experienced Drivers who are equipped with Driver’s App. “When somebody logs in to our app, they will see pictures of all available cars with complete details like its ratings, age of cars, prices and others. The customer can thus book the desired car rental with a convenience of multiple payment options. We are providing full freedom to our clients to search, compare, choose and book a car rental service.
“So no more surprises while renting a car. Customers can see the car details before booking and choose the car they want to hire,” states Vikas Kulkarni, Co-Founder, GaadiBooking.

GaadiBooking is all set to change the way of hiring rental car empowering customers with ‘Power of Choice’

The expertise of the prime framers and the adeptness of the team have built a platform that is technologically equipped. Basically the company keeps a track record of the billings and payments, “To make things easier we have put up a complete automated system that controls the operations being carried out in the platform. To provide security to both drivers and customers and maintain transparency we have incorporated technology that could track the location of the car throughout the journey. We practise acute scrutiny before registering a car or onboarding chauffeur,” he adds.

In just a blink of an eye, the company made tremendous advancement. In six months’ time, it has received utmost recognition and onboarded more than 1500 customers. It has covered incalculable numbers of kilometres, imparting services to four major cities such as Mumbai,Bangalore, Pune and Delhi. Alongside, GaadiBooking has got cars registered in about 62 cities. “We started our journey about six months back. We should thank our stars that we could make such notable progress in such a short period of time. Our business furtherance and manifesto has gained government certification from startup India. Till date we have received positive feedback from our clients whom we aspire to keep in existence,” affirms Bhaskar Dewal, Co-Founder, GaadiBooking.

Geared To Travel the Road Ahead

GaadiBooking is all set to foray into new regions, aiming to extend itself throughout the nation. It intends to add new services on its platform to empower the customers with more choices. It aims at further simplifying the handlings to enkindle a positive client feedback and contentedness. “We have already started encompassing fresh facilities such as adding new one way routes. Currently we are operating one-way service between Mumbai & Pune. We are enabling ourselves and the other aspirants reach new heights,” he concludes.