Gaatha: Exclusive Audio-Digital Platform For Indian Vernaculars

Pooja Srivastava,Co-FounderA Hindustani soul would never deny the sinking plea-sure of reading Munshi Premchand by the balcony. It's a year's due legacy for the nation to pass down literary goodness to the younger generation. Hence, to revive the depleting heritage, Gaatha attempted to amass the treasured literature through the vernacular audio app winning over a million hearts. Aiming to reward a more immersive experience for digital litterateurs, Gaatha promises 10,000 plus beloved skits and stories in Hindi and other vernaculars through audio-books at a touch of a button.

This literary initiative was the early brainchild of Pooja Srivas-tava, Co-Founder, of Gaatha which was brought into digital existence through her technocrat friend Amit Tiwari, Co-founder, of Gaatha. Pooja is a renowned storyteller, as well as a successful radio performer in the US and Gaatha's first 500 uploads, was rolled out based on her research and personal experience with audio-books. Gaatha was more focused on curating short stories in Hindi, as the reader base expanded, its audio libraries diversified into poetry, under the Directorship of poetess Bhavana Tiwari, stretching the outreach for the application.

Speech Is The New Melody
'Rooh wahi roop naya' - says Gaatha and the Hindi translation reads as `presenting the old soul in a new Avtar. The tagline itself capture the bonhomie of the literary experience it provides to the listeners.
A virtual literary platform accommodating prime vernaculars of India, restoring the rich heritage most innovatively, on which fond litterateurs can finally respite. Gaatha is uniquely Indian in its approach makes one feel at home while away from home. A perfect ASMR for someone who is multitasking, on a work break, running down the park road or doing household chores.

This entire process of producing 'speech melody' involves 100+ voiceover artists, and storytellers from Indian Natya Academy, All India Radio, and Pune Film Institute across 25 studios. Gaatha is also repositioning local artists and talents to tell `their stories on the platform without fear of losing their credits as literal creators. Today it caters to diverse story genres on different colloquial with a rich literary heritage like Bengali and is looking forward to including Marathi, Assamese, and Odiya, along the way.

Gaatha has perfectly balanced out the old with the new, where both Indian classics and modern literature co-exist, expanding the choice of contents for all age brackets and generations.
"We have audiences from different age brackets 15-35 years and 60 years above which includes Hindi enthusiasts of India and overseas, mostly from Saudi Arabia, America, Brazil, Canada, Europe, Singapore and China as prime subscribers", shares Pooja Srivastava, Co-Founder, Gaatha. Today it's serving half a million virtual litterateurs to meet their moral intention for meaningful indulgence.

Technology-wise we are sitting at the top of it, our expertise in technology gives us a strong footing to go and compete with other competitors

Gaatha app is backed by con-tent-based recommender systems which can learn the listener's preference and show the library matched based on the participant's pick. Thanks to Amit Tiwari, (Co-Found-er, Gaatha) and his technical team for seamless AI-based service and Gaatha being a proud participant of Startup Incubation and Innovation Centre, IIT Kanpur. Furthermore, Pooja, is a true gem in disguise, as she comes with excellent executive management skills. She is also a dynamic mathematician translating data into valuable insights which further stemmed her business expansion for Gaatha. "Technology-wise we are sitting at the top of it, our expertise in technology gives us a strong footing to go and compete with other competitors", added pooja.

Future Developments
Technology-wise Gaatha aims to improvise its prototypes on text-to-speech conversion and natural language processing to enhance the app features. In future endeavours, Gaatha is planning to have a hunch of content from our collectables to one storage device where one can purchase, plug and play when offline, accessing a huge audio library with-out internet.