Genworks Health: Designs Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions

There is no doubt that the Indian healthcare sector is forging ahead at a rapid space. But the technology deficiency that exists in the entire ecosystem gives this sector a lean and subdued guise. To haul up its footing, its union with advanced technology is of the utmost importance. This synthesis will boost up efficient and easy accessibility and affordability of the medical industry. With the end in view of bring technology and healthcare in close proximity, Ganesh Prasad brought into being Genworks Health supports the healthcare providers with access to relevant and affordable technology, enabling its adoption to improve clinical outcomes. It is through this platform that he is bridging the gap between patients and specialists.

"The healthcare sector at the present time is enduring many complications. Even though we are bestowed with the power of technology, unsuccessful implementation did not bring in much difference. And the uneven distribution of specialists created an imbalance in the medical ministrations,"states Ganesh Prasad, Founder, MD, CEO, Genworks Health.

The Commencement

With over two decades of experience in the healthcare industry, Ganesh aspired to sort out the biggest problems lingering in the ecosystem. To do so, he brought into being Genworks Health. With this initiative, he endeavours to mitigate the polarity and the shortfalls within the industry. The company has been contriving Radiology, Surgery & Cardiology solutions, Maternal & Infant Care. All of these are technologically advanced and are put into practise to enable unambiguous diagnosis & monitoring, provide extensive care to the child and mother to turn down the infant and maternal mortality rate. Furthermore, the company is also devising tailored solutions to treats various heart ailments, assists safe surgery and assists the patients in their process of getting better. The main objective of Genworks Health is not just inventing powerful medical apparatus but to make sure that these equipments reach the every region of the country and are of use to the patients. The basic concept was to raise
an establishment where latest technology, medical devices, specialists, medication and other facilities under on roof.
Ganesh Prasad, RR Balaji & Kiran Thadimarri, Co-Founders
The company started its journey in 2015 and is backed by Wipro GE Healthcare an innovative approach taken to make healthcare needs affordable and accessible. With such great support and a team that is so adroit and experienced, Genworks Healthcare created a magnificent stance in the market. It has very valiantly tackled all the hurdles on its path. “The initial years were taxing, we had to work hard on our products and solutions, propagate about ourselves and get the green light from the audiences. One of the biggest challenges was conferring our offerings to all the cities and towns of the country which we slowly and steadily and strategically handled,” he voices.

Genworks Health supports the healthcare providers with access to relevant and affordable technology, enabling its adoption to improve clinical outcomes

The Advancements & Roadmap

Since its origination, Genworks Health has been adding feathers of success to its cap. It has beheld two times growth in its revenue, clients and in geographical presence. It has on boarded about two to six thousand clients and has established its reach to various regions. Initiated by a team of 150 people, it is operated by more than 200 experienced leaders. It has developed itself as a digital platform and initiated the creation of portfolio for IVD, new born care and cancer screening. In next five years, it aspires to achieve a 1000cr revenue and at the same time expand as well as ameliorate its services. “In the last four years, we have grown by 15 to 20 percent which is equivalent to four to five times the growth of the entire market. And we believe that our growth rate will increase by 25 to 35 per cent. Our sole aim is to move forward and towards making our clients happy, further reform the medical sphere and save valuable lives,” he concludes.