GETFIT: Comprehensive Sports Solutions for Schools

(L - R) Vikram Aditya Menon, Arun Karthik & Somdev Devvarman,Founder & CEO
(L - R)Vikram Aditya Menon, Arun Karthik & Somdev Devvarman, Founder& CEO
Arun Karthik narrates a very inspiring story dating back to 2011-2012 when he and his friends, SomdevDevvarman and Vikram Menon began a Charitable Trust named Life is a Ball to provide structured sports programs for economically disadvantaged youth around Chennai. Within a few months, the operations took off and by the end of the year,there was an incredible positive change in the children. They were very energetic, eager to learn, easily coach able, well-disciplined and most importantly, had tremendous fun throughout. Arun and his friends sensed a better sporting structure these children had. That’s when they realized the same sporting troubles, misconceptions and lack of support, existed through all demographics in India. That was the true beginning of GETFIT. “Once we realized that we could impact the lives of thousands of children by just implementing a simple concept, that’s when our journey really began,” smiles Arun.

Since then, GETFIT has strived and successfully established itself to be known as a modern sports solutions
and marketing company that aims to promote a sustainable sports culture in India. Calling it a challenging yet inspiring journey, Arun informs that although the lack of emphasis on sport at times made their work difficult; the results ultimately were incredibly gratifying. He says, “While entire schools report a much higher activity level among students, the growing interest of sport in each kid is what keeps us motivated.”

"Over the last five years in operation, GETFIT has organized over 2000 small events within schools, corporates, and cities"

Evidently, in no time, GETFIT has managed to work with over 2 lakh students and has given them the real sporting experience. “We encourage people to start playing to make fitness a part of their lifestyle with health being the main focus. Our goal is to make a fitter, healthier India in the future,” Arun adds. At present, the company is geared up to develop a sporting culture from the grassroot level – primarily for the school going children.

Fitness based Solutions
A team of young & experienced sport enthusiasts rule GETFIT! The company encourages all of their clients (children, members, clients) to experience healthy competition, even if that means casual events with their organizations over weekends. “Over the last five years in operation, we have organized over 2000 small events within schools, corporates, and cities while we truly work on spreading the sporting bug,” mentions Arun.
The advent of technology has further helped GETFIT to reach out to a much larger audience and giving them personalized feedback on their health based on their personal information. “Through our tech platform we can track our employee progress, monitor the activities carried out in different client locations, train and communicate with our coaches internally, communicate with the clients on their habits, measure their current health standards and give them attainable goals to reach,” he says.

With slow but steady growth, GETFIT has highly focused on quality over quantity and that has resulted in having an incredibly satisfied customer base.Apart from GETFIT and Life is a Ball Public Charitable Trust, the team has also co-founded Wild Warrior - an adventure-based brand that brings the wildest races from obstacle courses, destination triathlons, duathlons and trail runs.

Work hard at creating the best sporting experience for everyone, the results will be our reward- has been the thought behind GETFIT’s success. “A happier and healthier tomorrow is something we will always work towards. An entrepreneur's passion and motivation will always be a key ingredient to their success. The more success we have, the more motivated we will be. Being a pioneer in this space in India will always give us that edge,” concludes Arun.