Gifts On Air: Uniting the Online and the Offline Market

Sarthak Khandelwal,  Founder

Sarthak Khandelwal, Founder

Innovative structures demand fresh talents who possess the eye to think out of the box.. The difference in thinking that surrounds the architecture of Gifts On Air, a marketing tool specially for the retail sector, brings out the authenticity of model with an air of innovation give 360 degree Business Solution Platform for Manufacturers and Retailers. “It is redefining how Manufacturers and Retailers can attract and retain customers by providing them with a customizable and scalable marketing tool to profitably grow their businesses. It is a platform which offers the business services that motivates the customers in the target market to return often, makes frequent purchases, and get ahead of the competitors because we understand the importance of retaining the existing customers”, says Sarthak Khandelwal, Founder, Gifts On Air.

The fact that there can be up to 100 percent cash-back vouchers on each and every purchase of the customers was not welcomed in an accepting manner. But what can stop the inevitable?
The truth and transparency in the platform was understood by retailers eventually who came forward and partnered with Gifts On Air and have been with them ever since. All of them now trust on this marketing tool for their customer acquisition and retention," he further adds.

The revenue of Gifts On Air has been approximately INR 160 Million

Idea of a Young Mind
20-year-old Sarthak is a BBA student of NMIMS Mumbai who is about to graduate this year. Coming from a business family, he always wanted to break free and do something on his own that can be the face of change for the generation. As it stands, he was able to create a marketing tool for the retailers and bridge the gap between the retail market and the fintech sector and solve the problems of customer acquisition and retention for it. “We endeavour in increasing the new customers of the potential market which majorly focuses on adding brand value of partner’s business. Simultaneously, we provide a platform to solve the problems of today’s retailers & customers by initiating value add-ons to all their Products & purchases”, says Apoorva Pandey, Co-Founder.

The way to Function
The ideology that helps Gifts On Air accomplish its goals is the positive mindset, honest handwork and focus on delighting the customers by giving a boost to the partners’ businesses. Worth mentioning, that Sarthak’s idea was integrated with the technological counterparts by his cousin Shobhit, who put his prior experience and expertise into the product. “Our tool is made to help the partners acquire new customers and retain the old ones. We do not try to sell our tool to them. We understand their problems and give them the best solution that gifts on air has for their business”, states Shobhit Jhalani, Co-Founder.

It was however not an easy task to convince the business partners in the beginning.

The Growth Encountered
In one year’s span, the revenue of Gifts On Air has been approximately INR 160 Million. It has more than 2000 partners all across India. More than 100000+ customers on the Gifts On Air website are redeeming their vouchers and approximately 96000+ orders that have already been shipped to delight the customers. Expressing the future of the company, the founders conclude, “We are currently headquartered in Jaipur and hold offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Pune. Indore & going the expand the operation in many other states of India in 1st Quarter of New financial year”