Ginger Healthcare: A Healthcare Advisor

Abdul Alim & Dr. Arif Hussain Khan, Founding DirectorsAlthough the Indian healthcare ecosystem is living huge innovative and technological transmutation, it does in few ways endure some inconveniences as well. Availability of topgrade medical facilities at reasonable price, exceptional yet effective care, and these being easily get at able by the patients are some of the major concerns that persist in the industry. Such matters have grabbed the attention of a lot of people who felt the need of putting a new thread to its overall functioning and manifestation.

The genesis of Ginger Healthcare has also taken place to mitigate the asymmetries mainstreaming in the healthcare realm. This noble initiative is taken by two dab hands, Abdul Alim Barbhuiya & Dr. Arif Hussain Khan. Their involvement and participation in the medical domain enabled them to figure out the cumbers encountered by the people of the country and the one who come to India from abroad. Their parallel interest of drawing solutions and helping patients incited them to club together and launch a platform that is a sort of a guidebook, prompting guidance and abets to everyone seeking any kind of medical help. “When someone is ill, the ailment does not only bother the patient. The entire family goes through a lot of dilemma and shambles. From finding the right doctor to getting one
admitted to a hospital with the best facilities, its a headache for them. Arif being a doctor and I being involved in helping people from abroad and India, we have kind of lived every hindrance that every patient confronts. Their constant queries and difficulties engrossed are minds in mapping out ways and measures to simplify the entire course of action. That is exactly when we decided to start a venture where we will be providing answers and solving all the medical dubieties,” avers Abdul Alim Barbhuiya, Co-Founder, Ginger Healthcare.

Ginger Healthcare mitigate the asymmetries mainstreaming in the healthcare realm

The company puts forward a wide spectrum of services such as Medical Guidance, Medical Opinion, Visa Invitation Letter & Visa Assistance, Assistance in India during treatment, Accommodations, Interpreter Service, Local Sightseeing & travels. It is very much understandable that the company takes utmost care of the lodging, travelling, and refreshments of the patients and their family. A lot of planning and scheming is done by the team of Ginger Healthcare to make proper arrangements for its clients. “To manage all our activities we have availed the power of latest technology since day one. It is useful to us in keeping a check on the authenticity and keep a record of visa, passport, medical history & files, and other activities that take place between us and the clients,” he informs.

Marching Ahead
By incorporating three fruitful strategies Ginger Healthcare has been climbing the stair to success. It takes heed to reach out to audiences all over the world, keeping up the spirit of establishing long term bond with its customers by supporting them meet their needs in time of difficulties. Last but not the least, to make its commitment stand true, the company is deliberately originating collaborations with hospitals, medical practitioners, lodgers and other. In a span of one year, it has assisted 2,50,000 + visitors from 55 different countries. As he adds, “The response for our online portal has been great, with highest rating. Our English portal alone has more than 25,000 visitors. We have fortunately witnessed an incredible journey till date.”

In essence, Ginger Healthcare is on its expedtion to become the best and the most trusted wedbased personalise healthcare advisory firm, intending to not only enhance the Indian healthcare industry but take it to every part of the world.