Giverly: Revolutionizing Social Impact through Everyday Spending

Sagar Menon,Founder & CEO

Sagar Menon

Founder & CEO

In the realm of social impact startups, Giverly stands as a shining example of how innovative ideas can be harnessed to address pressing societal and environmental challenges. Founded in May 2022 by Sagar Menon and Manvi Mehra, Giverly was born out of the duo's shared belief that crises present opportunities for innovation and positive change. Their brainchild has since evolved into a platform that seamlessly combines everyday shopping with charitable donations, all while fostering an ecosystem of socially conscious brands, consumers, and charitable organizations.

The inception of Giverly was triggered by the seismic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019. The founders, who had been deeply ingrained in the startup ecosystem, recognized that the e-commerce sector was flourishing even amidst the pandemic. Simultaneously, they observed the struggles of charities and NGOs worldwide to secure funds for their operations. This observation led to a powerful idea: leveraging the e-commerce boom to channel funds toward charitable causes.

At the heart of Giverly's ethos is the core value of harnessing everyday commerce to give back to society, uniting consumers, brands, and charitable organizations in a collective effort. The company envisions a world where each transaction contributes to solving various social challenges.
This vision is realized through Giverly's flagship offering, a fin-tech payment solution that rewards users with 'Impact Cash' for every transaction. These Impact Cash earnings can then be converted into donations for a variety of social campaigns curated by Giverly.

Giverly offers personalized cards to progressive companies seeking to instill a culture of giving within their organizations. Through these cards, employees earn points for their everyday spending, which can be donated to live social campaigns via the Giverly app. This process empowers employees to make meaningful contributions without any additional personal expenditure. Moreover, Giverly ensures 100 percent transparency by providing real-time photographic, video graphics, and GPS-based updates on donations.

With over 800 partner brands across the fashion, lifestyle, travel, and dining sectors, Giverly cardholders enjoy exclusive discounts and offers while making socially conscious contributions. Unlike traditional fundraising, Giverly provides brands with a platform to extend better discounts, recognizing the potential for positive social impact. Notable brands such as Ritu Kumar, Chaayos, and Ixigo have embraced Giverly's model by offering unique deals to cardholders.

With over 800 partner brands across the fashion, lifestyle, travel, & dining sectors, Giverly cardholders enjoy exclusive discounts & offers while making socially conscious contributions

Sagar Menon and Manvi Mehra bring diverse management styles to Giverly, emphasizing innovation at all levels of the company. The founders encourage a collaborative environment where team members are empowered to voice ideas and experiment freely. With backgrounds in entrepreneurship, startup mentoring, and industry expertise, the founding team is well-equipped to lead the company's growth.

Looking ahead, Giverly aims to diversify its product range, launch innovative offerings, and extend its impact globally. Giverly's inception and growth reflect the pow¬er of innovative thinking in addressing societal challenges. By merging commerce and philanthropy, Giverly has unlocked a new avenue for individuals and companies to make a positive impact. As the company continues to evolve and expand, its commitment to transparency, innovation, and social change remains unwavering.