Global Systems & Information Technology: Digital Reinvented!

Hitesh Chaturvedi,PartnerKnowing how to keep a customer happy can make or break a business' revenue. What many people fail to appreciate is that real customers in the market usually do not care much about the clever technology but the benefits they would derive from any product or service. It is a good assumption that nobody will want to buy a product or service unless it solves a real problem in a way that is more effective than the available alternatives. The idea, then, is to identify those parts of the market where one can offer a product/service that stands out. This very viewpoint is the driving force behind Gujarat-based Global Systems & Information Technology. The founders perceived this niche where they could deliver technology projects with global quality competitively and create their own space catering to Spanish and English speaking markets. This also led them to create in-demand intellectual property very early in the lifecycle of the company.

Situated in the IT hub of Gujarat Global Systems & Information Technology is the product of visionaries in the field of IT and software development. "Our company focuses on delivering high-quality output with diverse complementary services and industry-specific, tailor-made solutions to clients through innovative technologies," Hitesh Chaturvedi, Partner.

An Array of Offerings
Global Systems & Information Technology offers both onsite and offshore technology consulting services. It has extensive
experience in different phases of the development of applications in new-age technologies. "We work on different development and delivery models depending on project/program requirements. Thus, we are confident enough to achieve high-quality output with tailor-made and dynamically designed solutions. We have also created a couple of licensed intellectual properties - one to cater to robotics demands of a company and the other for automating the order placement in a niche food sector business," he mentions.

The team has divided the technology space into three Universes in three different moments - Yester-Universe (Software Hardware Infrastructure Network - SHIN); Today-Universe (Social Mobile Analytics Cloud - SMAC); Tomorrow -Universe (Distributed Ledgers Artificial Intelligence Extended Reality Quantum Computing - DARQ). Its five core competencies include App Development, Integral Web-Portal (Build and Operate), Cloud Migration ­ On-premise to Cloud (Google, Amazon and Azure); Between Clouds; Reverse Cloud Migration, Data Analytics and Build-to-Order/custom development. "Our global customers are using our services to drive Digital Transformation in their companies to delight their end clients and in-turn increases their market share. They also get global quality at their door-steps leading to improved metrics and operational efficiency," he avers.

Global Systems & Information Technology has extensive experience in different phases of the development of applications in new age technologies

To foster client contentment, the company works as their extended technology arm and ensure constant innovation of technologies. "We can do this as we understand that the whole credibility of the software or tech industry depends on how well the innovation is and how quickly the new technologies are needed to be adopted to keep the business up and running and ahead of the competition," he adds.

The Journey
Set up in November 2018, Global Systems & Information Technology has established its presence since then across three continents. It is serving more than 20 global corporate customers and has close to 70 employees. Hitesh highlights, "We have more than 90 per cent of our employees speaking at least two international languages. We were also selected to be the top startup company to Invest in Latin America Startup summit."

"We are confident that we will keep adding enough value to our existing and potential customers to be able to create a sustainable and growing business," he concludes.