Global Technology & Information Security: Excelling Business Performance beyond Compliance

Atul Luthra, Director,NK Singh, Director - Information Security,

Atul Luthra, Director

NK Singh, Director - Information Security,

The data threat landscape is evolving day-by-day. The cyber attacks on all businesses and organizations are only rising. According to recent Security Report, malware attacks have doubled to 10.19 billion in 2018. In the years to come,organizations dealing with sensitive data of clients have a huge risk of cyber attack. To protect the confidential data, companies need a systematic approach to manage their security needs. With limited staff and low budget, majority of SMEs & MSMEs might lag behind in security management. So, Managed Security Service (MSS) Providers help such organizations with not only providing cost-efficient threat detection, but also ensures timely maintenance.

One company that is carving a niche in the industry by providing turkey solutions for every security challenges across the globe is Global Technology & Information Security (GTIS). The team has a robust knowledge and experience in providing MSS, where the company posses’ skilled staff in security management. And their experts work 24x7 for detecting threats in the existing infrastructure and update them from time-to-time. More than anything, GTIS optimizes resources effectively for its clients and help them focus on their core business operations.In addition to this, they provide updated technology that is required in threat detection and performing audits.

In terms of early detection of threats, GTIS leverages on its cutting edge technology and expertise to make it easy for businesses to focus on their main functions. Since the majority of small and middle-level organizations, security management gets out of budget they require high technology, 24x7 monitoring, expertise, and time! GTIS’s budget friendly approach to this ensures its clients the cost feasibility for outsourcing their security management systems.

Changing Business Dynamism – The Need of the Hour
According to the most recent Cyber-security Ventures, Cyber-security Market Report, the Cyber-security spending is expected to reach US$ 1 trillion over the next five years. This has raised a huge demand for security vendors and has opened the doors to new start-ups and growth for well-known firms. Atul Luthra, Director, GTIS, speaks, “Just as there is no one-size-fits-all, when it comes to security needs, cyber-security vendors have different types of expertise, ranging from email security to anti-virus software to cloud security. Choosing the right vendor involves recognizing where your greatest cybersecurity requirements are and finding the best fit.”

Established in 2016, Gurgaon
based GTIS at present is one of the leading PCI DSS Audits Global IT solution & Managed Security Service providers in the world. Their in-depth understanding to prevent cybercrime or cyber threat is extraordinary. Right from reducing the risk of information loss, to dealing with employees leaving to join a competitor, and managing company’s data on the internet or on the cloud,the company has qualified specialized team working on other areas of security as well, which includes vulnerability management, penetration test, ASV, endpoint protection, SIEM, cloud security, mobile security among others.

GTIS in the span of two years has added more than 100+ customers worldwide, and the numbers has only been increasing because of the quality service they’ve been delivering to its clients

Delivering Smart Security Solutions on Demand
Over the years, GTIS has been intimately involved in helping organizations to navigate the PCI DSS landscape. The variety of products out there and the confusion around them makes it very hard for clients to compare competitive offerings. “Various companies have taken various approaches and incorporated numerous technologies – hardware, software, onsite and managed offsite services to get them PCI Compliant. We have simplified this whole process and come up with a solution that is akin to ‘PCI in a Box,’we call it the Compliance as a Service(CaaS),"asserts NK Singh, Director - Information Security, GTIS.

The bundle includes everything (except four offerings, which a majority of the companies already have - firewalls, antivirus, patching process and technology specific encryption) that the employees understand the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS),GTIS has a short awareness module describing what PCI is and the risks to cardholder data as well as a more comprehensive course with in-depth awareness.

Global Presence – Regulatory Compliance
While Indian start-up ecosystem continues to develop at a rapid pace, GTIS is also harnessing the rapid growth in the compliance domain. Since the company carries more than 100 years of experience at an organizational level. It helps company to connect with large or small organization and solving their compliance issues. Sailing against the wind, GTIS, in the span of two years have added more than 100+ customers worldwide, and the numbers has only been increasing because of the quality services the company has been delivering to its clients.

At present, the GTIS is working in the US, EMEA, Middle East and Asia regions for compliance opportunity, which keeps them excited, to serve to more than 100 plus countries worldwide for compliance vertical. Atul elaborating the roadmap ahead
of GTIS concludes, “The regulatory compliance appears as one of the most important drivers in security spending, representing the biggest part of security operating costs. Regulatory compliance is very often mentioned to attest an improved performance and accountability in security mechanism and procedures. Today, we are working hard on the regulatory compliance domain, and extending its arms to local governing bodies like IT, Telecom, and Cyber Security amongst others.”

Key Management
• Atul Luthra, Director, GTIS
• NK Singh, Director-Information Security, GTIS
GTIS story started many years back, when both the founders, Mr. Singh and Mr. Atul were working in Infosec space for more than two decades. In the process, they used to solve their companies Infosec issues time to time. As time flew, this became more interesting. And, with cloud, this became a prominent area.

Also, when they attended the Conference of Gartner, it showcased that the future was in Infosec domain. With compliance driving majority of organizations, this was the trigger point, and keeping this in mind the seed of GTIS was sowed, and today the company is one of the emerging companies in Infosec domain specialized in PCI DSS.

Business Benefits Offered by GTIS on Security Compliance

• Decreased Risk of Security Breaches
GTIS compliance isn’t just about satisfying a list of guidelines - it’s a very real and proven way to protect you and your customers’ data from outside attacks. In fact, a recent study found that compliant businesses are 50 percent more likely to successfully withstand a breach.

• Peace of Mind for You (and Your Clients)
With breaches much less likely to happen, you’ll have one less thing to worry about in the daily course of running your business. You’ll appreciate this peace of mind, and over time, your customers will, too...

• Boost in Customer Confidence
Your customers may not currently understand every detail about what it means to be compliant, but their awareness about the issue is growing. Every day, more and more of your customers are growing savvy about how their data is protected when they use their credit cards. It’s only a matter of time before customers see Security compliance as a sign that your business follows best practices. That feeling of security will directly increase buyers’ confidence, and make them more likely to choose you over a non-compliant competitor.

• Avoid Costly Penalties
GTIS’s compliance program dramatically lowers your like lihood of getting breached, but it doesn’t completely eliminate the possibility. If you are breached, fines can grow as high as $500,000 per incident. Companies who are PCI compliant significantly reduce their risk of a breach, and therefore, their likelihood of receiving a fine.