GluePlus Innotech: Redesigning 360o Organizational Management

Sam Rufus,CEOHow can I manage my entire organization on my iPad while I vacation in Hawaii? That single idea, in essence, defines GluePlus! GluePlus that stands for Gather, Locate, Understand and Execute is an innovative Products company that quintessentially caters to the 360° management of enterprises. Combined with an undying passion to make a ‘positive dent in this world’, GluePlus targets its products and services to the ‘previously excluded segments’ of NGOs, SMEs and Non-profit organizations. In a short span of nine months, they have three stellar products under their kitty – Case Management, Community Management and Collections Management that have been well-received and appreciated by their clients for their excellence. But, this is not all. GluePlus has other rabbits under its hat too. Summoning Distribution & Logistics management, Content publishing with its very own IT Consultancy services, GluePlus aims to become the lynchp in of holistic business management for enterprises on a mobile phone!

Reshaping Business Management
Established in January 2013 in Hyderabad, GluePlus traces its inchoation to South Africa and other countries with Mxit, a chat application especially designed for feature-phones back in 2004. However, the smartphone revolution in India transmuted the course of its business radically and to facilitate B2B customers manage their organizations better, GluePlus took shape. GluePlus (formerly Mxit India) hired Sam Rufus to design the path for the company as CEO in July 2013. Encompassing 15 years of experience in core Management Consulting and IT Management, the former VP at Deloitte and Semi-finalist at the famous TV series – The Apprentice, made his presence kenned with ideating a surfeit of Products and Services to GluePlus.

This platform presents special innovation to Community management – like colleges and churches, to engage better with people and to establish enhanced organizational management of seemingly informal communities. Introducing Microfinance collection solutions, it made it easier to track and manage each borrower, payment and new loans in real-time at just a-click-away.

The most impactful amongst its services is Case Management – through this module, CEOs, field workers and office managers will be able to monitor the progress of cases on a centralized system. Along with its glut of dispensations, GluePlus also provides IT Consultation – a customized client-centric technology solution through ingenious problem-solving.
Inspiring Healthy Workforce

“GluePlus is a people-centric company and I am truly blessed to work with a world-class team”, says Sam Rufus! The company believes that happy employees produce happy results. And so, with unique technical, behavioral, leadership and cross-vertical trainings, Laptops for employees, special cook for foodie employees, table tennis, gym, bed, popcorn and coffee machines everywhere, along with 44 days leave in a calendar year (which includes a Christmas break), GluePlus keeps the startup culture healthy and its informal stress-free atmosphere makes challenging tasks a mere cake-walk for the workforce. More than anything, the company believes in giving its employees a higher purpose for the products they build – that of making a positive dent in the world.

Making Effulgent Prospects

Sam explicates, “From an IT perspective, SMAC –Social Media, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud will surmount the world and with that vision in mind, we are happy to say that all our products are already SMAC’d up.” GluePlus is targeting an aggressive five-year revenue plan along with developing its marketing and business development through taking its products on the cloud. With its unique GPS vision of ‘Growth, Profitability and Service’, its ethos of ‘Excellence in the last mile’,‘Strategic focus on the Laterals’ and a ‘Heart to positively impact the society’, GluePlus is all set to redefine and unleash 360° Organizational Management on a mobile phone.