Gnextera Energy: Revolutionizing Fuel Delivery with Doorstep Convenience

Kailas Dharmaji Lone,  Founder & Managing Director

Kailas Dharmaji Lone

Founder & Managing Director

The traditional model requires vehicles to physically visit petrol pumps in order to fuel up or to maintain the necessary supply for businesses. However, this process is time-consuming and inconvenient, especially for industries that rely heavily on diesel fuel. From infrastructure development and construction projects to hospitality and healthcare facilities, manufacturing industries, educational institutes, IT companies, residential communities, and more, the need for reliable and efficient fuel delivery is crucial. Recognizing this demand and aiming to provide a seamless solution, Gnextera Energy has emerged as a trailblazing startup, providing door-to-door fuel delivery services.

Gnextera Energy, a pioneering startup founded in 2021, emerged with the idea to address the fuel consumption needs of various industries and eliminate the challenges associated with adulterated fuel. Inspired by the rapid growth of mining, RMC manufacturing, and infrastructure projects in their area, the founder & Managing Director, Kailas Dharmaji Lone recognized the demand for a reliable and hassle-free fuel delivery service. Gnextera Energy embarked on a mission to reshape the face of India by revolutionizing the diesel delivery system, ensuring 100 percent customer satisfaction, and becoming the backbone of Indian industries.

"Kailas's determination, coupled with his strategic vision, positions Gnextera Energy for continued success & establishes him as a respected leader in the energy sector"

Prioritizing Customer Satisfaction
Gnextera Energy is driven by core values that prioritize customer satisfaction and the delivery of quality fuel. Their commitment to making customers' lives hassle-free is reflected in their doorstep fuel delivery service, which eliminates the need to worry about fuel availability, supply chain disruptions, or the stress of adulterated fuel. The company's vision is to resolve fuelrelated challenges in various sectors such as corporate units, manufacturing units, construction sites, and more. By providing reliable, ontime, and highquality fuel, Gnextera Energy aims to become an indispensable partner for Indian industries.

Gnextera Energy offers a range of services with a strong emphasis on its flagship offering: doorstep diesel delivery by mobile dispenser. This unique service sets them apart from traditional stationary petrol pumps and provides customers with the convenience of fuel delivery directly to their location. The company ensures 100 percent quality assurance, guaranteeing the highest standards of fuel quality and quantity. With 24/7 availability and the fastest delivery times, Gnextera Energy keeps industries running smoothly while prioritizing customer satisfaction at every stage.
Gnextera Energy distinguishes itself from its competitors by focusing on the convenience of doorstep fuel delivery. Unlike traditional petrol pumps, they cater to various locations, including manufacturing units, project sites, schools, malls, and hospitals. Furthermore, Gnextera Energy offers fuel at the same market rate, eliminating transportation costs for customers. The company's efficiency and reliability have been demonstrated through case studies, showcasing their ability to fulfill customer requirements promptly and ensure the smooth operation of their businesses.

Gnextera Energy is driven by core values that prioritize customer satisfaction & the delivery of quality fuel

Leveraging Technology for Success
Recognizing the impact of nextgeneration technologies, Gnextera Energy leverages technology to establish itself as the preferred choice for clients. With the rise of e-Commerce and online home delivery, the company taps into the growing demand for time and cost savings. By adopting an online fuel delivery model, Gnextera Energy caters to the evolving needs of industries engaged in infrastructure projects, where the demand for diesel is significant. This tech-driven approach positions them as a key player in the fuel delivery industry.

Kailas Dharmaji Lone, Founder & Managing Director

Positive Work Culture & the Core Team Behind Gnextera Energy
As an aspiring leader, Gnextera Energy fosters a free work culture that empowers its employees to excel. The company's management prioritizes 100 percent customer satisfaction while staying attuned to market trends and identifying opportunities that save customers time and costs. By embracing the DDD (Door-to-Door Delivery) model, Gnextera Energy exhibits a forward-thinking mindset and contributes to a positive work culture that values innovation and customer-centric solutions.

Gnextera Energy boasts a strong core team that contributes to the company's solid presence in the market. Kailas Dharmaji Lone, the Founder & Managing Director, brings over 20 years of experience in the Indian corporate sector and abroad. Atul Pagar, the Head of Sales and Marketing, leverages his MBA degree and more than a decade of experience to drive the company's growth. Poonam Sharma, the Head of Accounts, brings over ten years of expertise in managing financial operations.

Strategies for Market Leadership
Gnextera Energy employs effective strategies to outshine competitors. Customer satisfaction is prioritized, and attractive deals and discounts are offered to maintain a competitive edge. By providing bulk quantity discounts and enabling doorstep delivery, transportation costs for customers are eliminated, ensuring hassle-free fuel access. The focus lies in serving commercial businesses, including corporate units, construction sites, and manufacturing facilities that require substantial fuel quantities. Currently, diesel delivery services are offered, and the process of obtaining approvals for expanding our offerings to include CNG and bio-fuels is underway. Furthermore, a movable electric vehicle charging station has been developed to cater to the growing demand for eco-friendly transportation. Safety holds paramount importance, and the company’s vehicles undergo rigorous approval processes by the petroleum safety department to ensure secure transit of highly sensitive materials. Kailas Dharmaji Lone welcomes funding to support the growth initiatives of the company. He says “As our business expansion efforts are underway, funding opportunities are actively sought to extend our services to major cities beyond Mumbai. Collaboration with fund management companies is welcomed to support our growth initiatives."