Goalisb: Paving the Way for a More Prosperous & Fulfilling Future for Aspirants

  Shruti P,   Executive Coach & Higher Education Consultant

Shruti P

Executive Coach & Higher Education Consultant

In recent years, the career counseling and guidance market in India has experienced remarkable growth and evolution. With a fiercely competitive job landscape and a plethora of new career opportunities emerging, individuals are seeking expert advice to navigate their professional paths wisely. This surge in demand has led to the proliferation of personalized career guidance services, online platforms, and skill development programs. Further, the integration of technology has revolutionized the way career counselors assess and recommend suitable career options, making the industry more efficient and effective.

Goalisb stands as an esteemed player in the industry, offering top-notch mentoring services for career transitioning through higher education, with a focus on MBA and Master's programs tailored for mid-career to senior professionals.The consultancy's comprehensive approach encompasses admissions consulting, career counseling, and personalized one-on-one mentoring, all aimed at facilitating clients' achievement of career transition goals, be it sector change or role advancement. With a commitment to excellence, Goalisb empowers individuals to make informed decisions, providing them with the necessary tools and guidance to navigate their career paths with confidence and success.

Led by accomplished Executive Coach and Higher Education Consultant, Shruti P, Goalisb boasts a team of alumni from prestigious institutions such as Stanford GSB, ISB, and IIM. Shruti is associated with Forbes Coaches Council, IECA, and NAGAP, and holds certifications in behavioral interviewing and career coaching. With a perfect blend of business acumen, educational expertise, and coaching abilities,
Shruti empowers clients to take charge of their careers and unlock their full potential.

Goalisb offers cutting-edge services through two distinct programs. Firstly, one-to-many engagements encompass standard training sessions, webinars, seminars with industry leaders, and valuable tools, drawing insights from experienced professionals. Secondly, a customized program analyzes each individual's unique needs, current career activities, and future aspirations, providing personalized solutions, including gap analysis, career plans and thought leadership. Analyzing past experiences, realistic aspirations, and career growth potential, Goalisb offers tailored guidance in personal branding, upskilling and resume enhancement. Its focus extends beyond mere career consulting, ensuring the effective execution of strategies, including personal brand communication on different channels.

Goalisb empowers individuals to make informed decisions, providing them with the necessary tools & guidance to navigate their career paths with an MBA, Executive MBA & Masters education with confidence & success

“Being a startup, we aim to sustain our competitive edge in the education industry by prioritizing customer satisfaction. Success rate metrics may not be immediately evident, but we believe in empowering clients to take ownership of their career journeys, creating lasting impacts that go beyond immediate results. With a 93- 94 percent success rate in admission consulting, we demonstrate our dedication to producing tangible outcomes”, says Shruti P.

Leveraging customized educational trends and advanced technology, Goalisb is embracing AI and generative AI in its operations. Virtual trainers, powered by AI, deliver both generic and one-to-many modules, making the services scalable and accessible to a broader audience. The combination of AI-driven training and expert driven specialization days empowers candidates to navigate their career transitions more effectively.

Throughout its initial journey, Goalisb encountered critical challenges in the rapidly evolving industry. Staying updated with sector-specific developments, acquiring specialized knowledge and skills, and formulating effective processes were essential to overcome these hurdles. With deliberate training and constant upgradation, the team ensures they remain at the forefront of the ever-changing career landscape.

Looking to the future, Goalisb's goals include leveraging technology and generative AI to enhance their counseling services further. Beyond its current focus on mid-career to senior professionals, the consultancy aims to reach out to colleges and institutions to instill a career focused mindset from the early stages of education. By empowering students with the right tools and insights, Goalisb envisions a future where individuals can proactively navigate their career paths with confidence and success.