Goldenpi: Pioneers In Bringing Bonds And Debentures To Individual Investors

Abhijit Roy, Co-Founder & CEO ,Samir Baran Pratihar, Co-Founder & CTO

Abhijit Roy, Co-Founder & CEO

Samir Baran Pratihar, Co-Founder & CTO

Bonds and debentures, while maybe less thrilling than stocks, are an important component of any diversified portfolio. It is less volatile and hazardous than stocks and, if held to maturity, can provide more stable and consistent returns. Furthermore, interest rates are typically greater than savings rates at banks, CDs, or money market accounts, and they can perform well when equities are falling, as interest rates fall and bond prices rise in turn.

This is where Goldenpi was created, with the sole goal of creating India's largest online distribution network for Bonds and Debentures, as well as providing individuals with a seamless investment experience journey. Goldenpi is the first end-to-end platform that connects ordinary investors to bonds and debentures. The company was the first to introduce this concept to the market. Individual investors can embark on a completely seamless digital-first, online journey with Goldenpi. Goldenpi's user base has grown exponentially over the years, with over three lakh users.

"We provide these assets through two business lines. The first is a b2c model through our GoldenPi website, where consumers can sign up, browse a variety of bonds available for the day, and invest. The other is through b2b, where we created a product; SAS software that we distribute to third parties. This is utilized to provide bonds and debentures to their own clientele.
The overall goal is to supply individual investors with high-quality regulated fixed-income assets. One can invest in them and get larger returns than a traditional bank", says Abhijit Roy, Co-Founder & CEO at Goldenpi.

When a firm wants to raise money through bonds for the first time, it can do it through an IPO, with a minimum ticket size of Rs.10,000. So that's another product that GoldenPi offers on the platform for new bond issuances, where the general public can apply for these non-convertible debentures IPOs through a completely digital trip via UPI. Furthermore, Goldenpi provides a very full portfolio rep that displays the entire holdings, at what price you purchased them, and what interest one has received.

The benefit of all of this information is that you can really download the whole cash flow that you have purchased from your bonds over the years. This is something you can offer to your CA at the end of the year for tax planning and filing. Other fixed-income products will be added to the platform, as well as regulated fixed-income products in which investors can invest; a fully customer-centric model.

"Every day, we offer the broadest assortment of bonds accessible for investment on the platform. When investors visit the platform, they will have a large selection of bonds from which to choose. Because we aggregate several financial institutions for the same bond, they will be willing to sell it at varying prices. As a result, we will be able to select the lowest price at which your returns on bonds actually improve, thereby offering quality bonds at the most competitive price at which one will be able to offer good returns on the investors' investment.

Given that India has got one of the most scalable payment infrastructures, we want to sail this wave to drive the needed innovation in the investment space

A specialized relationship manager is also an option. When a user registers on the site and completes a KYC, they will be completely guided through the whole investing process, allowing them to make an informed decision", highlights Samir Baran Pratihar, Co-Founder & CTO, Goldenpi.

Goldenpi will continue to try to address the highly hard problem of distributing and making fixed income readily available to every Indian household, as well as making assets live on the platform; a mission towards creating an all-inclusive product in which the entire country can invest for stable income.