Good Nutrition: Creating A Simple Way To Achieve Good Health

 Satyaketu Singh,    Co-Founder & CEO

Satyaketu Singh

Co-Founder & CEO

On one hand, popular ‘fad' diets cause more damage than good to the human body, and on the other, ‘expert' nutritionists give conflicting advice. The result is that even with plenty of information and multiple resources out there, there is utter confusion in the minds of the customer. In an era where people are looking for simplicity, there is a growing demand for products that offer real solutions proper, complete nutrition to modern life, and fit easily into daily lifestyles. This is how Good Nutrition was born to simplify nutrition for customers. Offering a wide range of products like Fit & Healthy Nutritional Smoothie Mix, one with whey and the other with plant protein, Restore & Revitalize Liver Health tablets, Boost & Strengthen Immunity Fizz, Enhance & Elevate Sexual Wellness tablets for men and women and Calm & Balanced Relax Shot, an oral liquid shot, each of the firm’s products deliver multiple solutions.

The Flagship Product
With over two decades of experience in managing Sales and Marketing, Satyaketu Singh, CEO and Co-founder of Good Nutrition says, “The core team behind Good Nutrition is a group of industry experts with over 150 years of experience between them. They have been instrumental in getting Good Nutrition to its current position of success in the market in such a short time.” The team has been successful in creating their flagship product, Good Nutrition’s Fit & Healthy Nutritional Smoothie Mix, just one product with incredible multiple benefits available in both whey and plant protein which aids in achieving multiple health goals.
The whey and plant protein supplements help in all three: healthy weight gain, weight maintenance, and weight loss. In addition, the all-in one formula delivers the full range of daily nutrition (vitamins and minerals, soluble fiber, antioxidants, and protein) in each serving. This supports gut health, manages blood sugar, improves metabolism, boosts immunity, reduces oxidative stress, lowers cholesterol, and helps to lower gut cancer risk. It is a scientifically designed formula to fulfill consumers' daily nutritional needs and complete their nutritional gaps. This exceptional combination helps consumers look and feel their best. Additionally, the smoothie mix is nutritionally balanced with highquality protein yet is low in calories.

Good Nutrition’s products help customers do better, every day in achieving good health in a much simpler way

Quality Uncompromised
“Our products have the highest quality ingredients. In addition, each ingredient’s quantity is as per the recommended daily allowance. Our formulation is designed for better absorption by the body, resulting in optimum efficacy. This makes our product range a compelling purchase”, says Arfin Zukof – CMO and Co-founder of Good Nutrition. The firm’s social media handles are full of customer testimonials and almost 80 percent of monthly orders come from customers returning to us to experience more of Good Nutrition’s range. Good Nutrition promises to create and deliver products that fit modern lifestyles and help customers attain health goals with greater ease while prioritizing quality and safety in all aspects of its operations, including product formulation, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution.

Arfin Zukof, Co-Founder & CMO
Amidst having the vision to become part of the monthly grocery basket purchase of every household, the firm works towards delivering the best customer experience through the convenience of access, ease of consumption, and effective results by utilizing technology in every aspect of the team’s approach. Good Nutrition’s products help customers do better, every day in achieving good health in a much simpler way. With the help of Good Nutrition, taking care of health is not a hassle anymore and thereby creating an easier life for all who lack the luxury of time.