Good Value Organics: Unveiling the Power of Vermi Composting

  Tan Vir Pruthi,   Proprietor

Tan Vir Pruthi


Organic and bio-fertilizers startups are revolutionizing the agricultural sector, driving change toward sustainable farming practices. These startups leverage innovative technologies and a commitment to environmental stewardship to promote organic farming practices and mitigate the environmental impacts of conventional agriculture. Despite their crucial role, they face challenges in gaining widespread adoption. Limited awareness among farmers about the benefits, coupled with the high initial costs of organic and bio-fertilizers, hinder their adoption. Maintaining consistent product quality and performance is a concern for startups relying on natural materials and biological processes. Moreover, securing a reliable supply of raw materials and navigating complex organic certification regulations present significant hurdles. Amidst the growing demand for sustainable food production, one firm shines as a beacon of hope for a greener and more sustainable future in agriculture.

Step into the realm of sustainable agriculture with the trailblazing manufacturer, Good Value Organics. Since 2018, Good Value Organics has cultivated an exquisite range of natural and organic products, nurturing a greener and eco-friendlier future. Demonstrating resilience, the firm addressed challenges in the organic and bio-fertilizer industry. They conducted awareness
campaigns, optimized production methods, and collaborated with research institutions to maintain product quality. Securing a steady supply of raw materials, they partnered with local farmers and waste management facilities for their vermicomposting process. “With our roots firmly planted in Hoshiarpur, we weave magic as the first Vermi Compost development projects in the region, crafting stronger and more effective Natural Bio Manure, Vermi compost & Vermi Wash solutions”, speaks Tan Vir Pruthi, Proprietor. Embracing the thriving interest in organic and natural farming, our harvest includes a delightful selection of organic fertilizers, a symphony of natural pest control products, and even a charming ensemble of beneficial insects. For the eco-conscious gardener, the firm presents compost bins and natural cleaning products, adding a touch of sustainability to daily routines.

“At Good Value Organics, we savour the joy of nurturing green dreams, believing that knowledge is the sun that brightens the garden of growth. Our wise gardeners, adorned with experience, are eager to lend their hands and hearts, nurturing your gardening journey with passion and expertise. Together, let's paint the canvas of nature's bounty, one organic stroke at a time”, says Tan Vir Pruthi, Proprietor. The firm specializes in utilizing a diverse range of ingredients to produce high-quality Vermi compost. Agricultural residues, such as straw, husk, leaves, stalks, and weeds, are transformed into nutrient-rich compost through the vermicomposting process.

The Vermi Process, initiated by mixing cow and buffalo dung with agriculture and household waste, is where earthworms play their essential role. Consuming organic wastes, these diligent earthworms reduce the waste volume significantly by 25-35 percent. Each earthworm devours waste equivalent to its body weight and produces castings equal to about 50 percent of the consumed waste daily. The compost's quality, in terms of nutrient levels, is influenced by the source of raw materials and the specific earthworm species involved, with moisture content around 20-25 percent and a pH level near 7. This process management ensures the firm produces nutrient-rich vermi compost, contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly agricultural landscape.

The firm embarked on a noble mission to address the pressing issue of waste management through a garbage awareness campaign, advocating segregation between biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste. However, the challenge arose when the segregated waste had no proper processing setup. Undeterred, the firm took charge and installed various bio-masses while collaborating with different societies, giving birth to the innovative Vermi Composting plan.