Goodhums: Good Health for All

Ranjeet Mishra,   Founder & Managing Director

Ranjeet Mishra, Founder and Managing Director

The concept of Mumbai-based Goodhums, a pharmaceutical marketing startup, was envisaged as a path-breaking opportunity to challenge some of the core fundamental beliefs in the pharmaceutical industry - specifically in the areas of people productivity, improving treatment outcome and market access opportunity in rural India. “The sole idea was to challenge the unchallenged in pharma industry. I connected with my friends in the industry and got an encouraging response. In fact, one of them could resonate with this idea quite passionately and further encouraged me to pursue this initiative. Since he is at the prime of his career trajectory while he could not join the venture right at the beginning but ensured that he is supporting the idea in all possible ways and as a result, this start-up eventually took off in July-18,” says Ranjeet Mishra, Managing Director, Goodhums.

The business model of Goodhums is aimed at making a meaningful difference to the treatment outcome by partnering with HCPs
at a very early stage of the patient journey. “We want to take this paradigm shift in improving treatment outcome deep down into the market by creating a very natural pull model of market access. We are working towards being the first life sciences company in India to provide integrated healthcare solution to patients and HCP by partnering for both point of care diagnosis and the treatment solutions,” he informs.

"The business model of Goodhums is aimed at making a meaningful difference to the treatment outcome by partnering with HCPs at a very early stage of the patient journey"

The company has well-defined growth strategies planned for the next couple of years with milestones focused on organic and inorganic expansion strategies. As a life science company, it yearns to make a comprehensive impact on healthcare ecosystem by not only confining to pills or devices but also by creating meaningful and relevant data which can be used by other players to improve the diagnosis rate in India.

While the healthcare industry is deemed to be extremely competitive and regulated, Goodhums with its unique business model effectively addresses some of the fundamental gaps in the healthcare ecosystem. Throwing light on the model, Ranjeet says, “The comprehensiveness of our model is that it effectively address the challenges of all key stakeholders
in healthcare ecosystem i.e., Patients, Caregivers, HCPs, Distribution partners and more importantly our employees who execute our strategy and are the flag bearers of our vision and mission.” The diversified yet synergetic portfolio supports the team’s ambitions of delivering good health and makes its existence meaningful right from the inception.

The Struggles & the End Result
Goodhums brings in a vibrant work-culture primarily based on encouraging entrepreneurial thinking. It rewards independent thinking demonstrating an appetite for risk-taking. “Our work KPIs are unique and completely aligned to business long term and short term business goals,” he asserts. Currently, it has been launched only in 8 markets which will continue to grow year after year. In 5 years time, it will spread across every market in the country. “Our current performance indicators are around employee retention, lead generation and mix of portfolio and we are beating our expectations in all these parameters,” he mentions.

In the coming years, team Goodhums envisions improving the standards of care in semi-urban and rural market of Bihar and UP by empowering the physician with better diagnosis and improved treatment outcome and then to replicate this success in pan-India. “We have well-defined the strategy and activation plan to make our strong presence across India in first five years itself,” Ranjeet concludes.