Granular Consultancy: Driving Business Dynamics with Creativity & Innovation

Bivash Chatterjee,FounderGreat invention and great innovation are the two pillars of strength that stimulate the furtherance of anyorganization. Their success, in a substantial way banks on the out-and-out proclamations of these two faculties. The activity of giving a plug to any major breakthrough wholly depends on a precise and constructive marketing plan. It succours the ideas by strategically stipulating matters that are of great importance which helps businesses create an advantageous market where the right message is shared with the defined audience. This business growing power of marketing tactics has left businesses no option but to receive it favourably. At the same instant, its burgeoning traits have fascinated many ambitious minds, setting their eyes on this window of wide opportunities.

This buoyant space kindled Bivash Chatterjee to prod his objective of owning a venture of his own. Having spent substantial years in the tech domain, he did get a good grasp over the industrial manoeuvres, the set of circumstances it is usually caught in and the competent essentials required to hoick-up towards prosperousness. Reckoning with the suitable scope and bringing into play his
expertness, Bivash sparked off the establishment of Granular Consultancy. "I have always aspired to start out on an entrepreneurial journey. While on this mission, I have clubbed up with experts from different domains. Fortunately, we all had a similar grail which eventually took the shape of Granular Consultancy," narrates Bivash Chatterjee, Founder.

To take this edge off from them, the company has initiated devising top-notch marketing services, rendered in form of web development, digital marketing, lead generation, creative campaigns and events. Apart from these, it also holds expertise in providing market research and strategies that are in a league of their own. By and large, it is a proper marketing, advertising and consultancy agency that delivers 360-degree marketing solutions. The fact that it gives more weightage to data driven deliveries and considers both the micro & macro analysis to define the client's target audience makes it a perceptible and unique marketing agency. Bivashsays, "The competition is intense in the market and to survive we had to deploy unique line of action to stay ahead of the curve. We pool the expertise, ethics and experience of the finest brains in town; track the latest trends and carry out detailed surveys so that we can produce the best services and reach the desired pinnacle of success."

Granular Consultancy comprehends the great troubles an organization endures in order to structure constructive marketing solutions

The company took the crown in both traditional and digital marketing spaces. Its stellar characteristics and performances earned it the opportunity to work with the giants of varied industries such as HPE, Oracle, TCS, Track & Tel, Salesforce, Savex, Tech Data, Rukmat, BS Cube and others. So far, it has witnessed a robust growth in terms of revenue and workforce. At the present day, it a prolific team of 80 experts that dedicatedly meets the objectives of more than 45 clients. Entrenched in the capital city, Granular Consultancy has extended its reach to Bangalore, intending to cover other provinces as well.

As the company understands the worth of an effective planning, it has sketched out a detailed future roadmap for itself. It aims to become a pioneer in lead generation and incorporate latest resources and technology.