Grapevine: Creates & Influences Youth Community Worldwide

Jeet Mehta,Founder

Jeet Mehta


In the year 2014, MTV India,one of India's largest youth brand and entertainment channels wanted to launch a campaign that engages the intellectual youth across the country. For the same, they approached Grapevine, a Mumbai based youth influencer Engagement Company. Understanding the needs, Grapevine after a few brainstorming sessions came up with the idea to create a campus influencer network across 50 colleges in four major cities. After leveraging a lot of experiential marketing techniques, they were able to produce a campaign which was more of a targeted form rather than a generic one. Through this, they were able to create touch points with students, gather insights on campuses, and induce interesting campaigns which helped MTV garner a brand name along with creating an impressive impact among the youth. After the tremendous success of the pilot campaign, MTV going ahead used many of Grapevine’s ideas and techniques for its shows and properties.

This was one of the milestones achieved by Grapevine which further led them think hard on the fact that other youth brands require an extended arm to reach out and engage with the students
along with making their presence. Thus, to meet those demands and assist them, Grapevine was formally set up as a platform, especially for youth marketing activities.

"Team Grapevine with 21 passionate minds has worked with 40+ brands and has conducted 400+ campaign successfully across varied verticals"

“Our whole idea was to capture the youth mindshare by creating various touch points in the sector. When everything is turning digital in today’s time, the traditional marketing mediums have started to be ineffective. That’s when we thought of getting into the influencer marketing space and create wonders by targeting, communication, creativity & conversation,” says Jeet Mehta, Founder.

Started off from 50 colleges across four cities, Grapevine today has reached 1500 colleges over 50+ cities. Grapevine with 20 passionate minds has worked with 40+ brands and successfully conducted 400+ campaigns across varied verticals. “With having more than 10-15k influencers, we have reached to around two million students and have created impressions for brands in both online and offline spaces.”

360 Degree Youth Marketing Services
Grapevine envisions creating and conducting innovative campaigns and establishes a warm connection between brands and youth. Right from enabling touch points in colleges, the company also has 700+ youth hangout places located in the vicinity of the college campus whereby it engages youths and students
through branding and other activities. Some of the key offerings at Grapevine include On-Campus branding, targeted Social Media Amplification, Youth Events, and College Festival integration, Standalone campus Events, P2P campaigns, and others. Adding to this, it has more than 100 digital youth portals and100+ college festival pages to amplify the outreach to the student base. “We aim to ensure a 360-degree youth marketing solution and deliver an engaging experience in the digital and offline space – right from engagement, visibility to effective RoI,”asserts Jeet.

With a unique approach to derive excellent results, Grapevine uses data analytics to understand the students’ behavior and intelligence. Moreover, with its SaaS-based technology, it tries to help clients to get an insight of the campaigns real-time progress, evaluate and measure success. The recently launched app of Grapevine has been able to gather 45000+ users in just three months.

Opportunities and Resources for Learning Network
Grapevine has also served as a partner to MTV and LinkedIn for their campaign to get more students creating LinkedIn profiles. The platform through its campus influential networking has helped them receive thousands of applicants. Some of the prominent clients are Vh1 India, MTV, Times of India, Radio Mirchi, Fastrack and more. Clocking a revenue rate of six crores this fiscal year, Grapevine expects to grow as a 20 crore company with a sole focus on creating the biggest youth community in India both online and offline.