Green Canvas: A greener Cause

Niranjan Samant,Managing Director

Niranjan Samant

Managing Director

The consumption of plastic in India has grown by 99% in the last seven de-cades. "Green Canvas is fundamentally an e-commerce business with a focus on advocating a sustainable business procedure for the Swach India philosophy" says Niranjan Samant, Managing Director of Green Canvas. He adds, "If we don't consider the amount of plastics drained in the Mumbai sea, we will end up having more plastics than fishes in the Mumbai sea by 2050. The idea of Green Canvas came three years ago with a desire to make handmade canvas bags, for 32 Indian cities, various festivals, schools and universities across India. We work with a socially responsible and environmentally accountable agenda. The company prides on its product line and is currently celebrating the 600th delivery of canvas bags."

A unique design in offering
Niranjan adds, "Plastic has been in existence since the early 1900s but our dependence on it has increased only in the recent past. We work with a minimalistic philosophy which can be reflected by the resources we use and how we use them? All of our products are hand made by under-privileged women from the outskirts of Mumbai. To ensure the priority of employee welfare 10% of our prof-its are donated to RAAH foundation with a joint venture for underprivileged women.
We are gladly paying premium to women employment as we are determined on keeping our product line to be hand stitched. Many of our competitors use a synthetic coating for water proofing and durability. We at Green Canvas have a strict adherence to our quality standards and do not use any synthetic material."

According to Danish Environmental Protection Agency, plastic bags (Polyethylene) can be reused about 52 times. While organic cotton will have about 20,000 reuses. It's time to make small changes in our lifestyles, shift to cotton bags. It is time to change the future. Niranjan says, “Our designs are quirky and instill a sense of Indianness in our clients. We have a design for every mood and memorabilia. We use recyclable paper for making our labels and an unconventional thread to stitch our bags. Thus, we have considered every possible detail of ensuring a product line that is sustainable yet classy.”

With a plan to create green India and clean India. We are doing our part as making the handmade canvas bags. For the Greener Cause with the help of underprivileged women from the outskirts of Mumbai

Roadmap Ahead
Our working philosophy is “No short-cuts at Green Canvas" boasts Niranjan on his faith over the company.

He concludes, "We are working with a professional expertise and team with competency in product manufacturing, graphic designing, content creation and a strong team of managing the entire web and e-commerce platform. Our motto of operation is quality work on the web and product. It's all about focus on a single product which is a 17"*16.5" handmade Canvas bag. We want to make it as viable as a Khadi Kurta in everybody's wardrobe. Everybody should have a Canvas bag and contribute towards making this earth a better place. Usability and durability are two basic aspects of our product and we are eagerly focusing on aesthetically designed minimalistic bags for Indian market and every Indian should carry. Our ambition is to become the premier handmade canvas bag provider of India. We have two additional products in our product roadmap. Next new product launch can be expected by summer of 2021 and second by the fall of 2021."