Green Drops: Landscape Solutions and Vertical Garden

Bhairavi Shevade & Supriya Nikumbh,Co-Founders
Bhairavi Shevade & Supriya Nikumbh

It was the summer of 2013 when Supriya Nikumbh went to Singapore for a family vacation and saw vertical gardens at Singapore’s Changi airport. The aura of the space was perfect – the overall look enlightened an otherwise bland outlook of the entire building and also made it feel alive. On her return to Pune, Supriya discussed the concept with her longtime friend and college mate Bhairavi Shevade and further started gathering information about the overall concept and execution.

After extensive research on the overall design,plants, irrigation requirements, soil and fertilizers, the duo created vertical gardens in their own apartment flats. The design and the execution were simple yet elegant and everyone who saw it liked the green effect that was created. “Relatives and friends started enquiring about vertical gardens and the word spread. We started creating smaller vertical gardens for friends and families, which gave them a lot of appreciation for the innovative concept,”says Supriya. They soon started offering unique designs and patterns in green walls.
Eventually, Supriya and Bhairavi formed Green Drops; a startup specialized in providing vertical gardens or green walls.

"Team Green Drops possess deep expertise in creating vertical gardens and deeper skills in plants and horticulture"

Green Drops had a humble beginning and soon after its inception, it began receiving quite a lot of enquiries through internet marketing, and word of mouth references. Soon it got various green wall projects, including residential and commercial segments like hotels, malls, hospitals and offices. “We have not just created a viable and profitable business but have also got immense satisfaction in planting thousands of plants on the walls of residential and commercial buildings and in effect creating pockets of smaller green ecosystems, which is a requirement in today’s concrete jungles,’she mentions.

The company has developed a one-of-a-kind nursery unit within Yerawada hospital with the guidance from Parivartan trust. Recovered patients from Dewarai ward who are now cured but society doesn't want to accept them were trained and provided earning opportunities by it to work in this nursery. Bhairavi asserts, “We are maintaining this nursery and purchasing these plants as well thereby providing the bit of community support.”

Green Building Transformation
Team Green Drops possess deep expertise in creating vertical gardens and deeper skills in plants
and horticulture. The team has great architectural skills and can provide design considerations for the entire landscaping project. “Our prime focus is continuous innovation. Focusing on continuous innovation, we have created innovative designs and unique models in vertical gardens. Clients can see multiple customized designs upfront before the work start. We strive to put plants in each home with optimized space rendering and a touch of art,”avers Bhairavi.

The company has been extensively using automated irrigation systems for driving technological usage. Additionally, they have created innovative green wall solutions such as nameplates, kitchen gardens using green walls, green partitions and curtains. Also, Green Drops has its own nursery set up for plants where the various products are designed in-house with some specialized elements outsourced.

With a small yet nimble team of 6 personals - a Horticulture expert, an architect,business development executive, fabricator agency and a couple of technicians, till date, Green Drops has executed more than 50 residential and commercial projects across Pune.“In all, we have planted more than 12000 sq. ft of the green wall having more than 48000 plants,”informs Supriya. “Our mission statement Green Building Transformation says it all. In the coming times, we would like to make every commercial and residential building as Green Building through vertical gardens, green roofs and landscaping services,”concludes Bhairavi.