Vihaan Solar Energy: Driven By The Vision Of Going Solar!

Pratyush K. Samantaray,Managing Director

Pratyush K. Samantaray

Managing Director

Belief in substantiates development and to shift to sustainable renewable energy has become imperative because of ever-rising global energy needs. Solar energy is the cleanest, most abundant renewable energy source available in nature. It can cater to the ever-increasing demand for fuel and make for an efficient source of renewable energy. We have space in the unused fields, an endless number of rooftops and vacant lots. The cost of installation is also the only cost, as there is very little maintenance required. To cater to this opportunity, Vihaan Solar Energy registered as VHN Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd., was established with a strategic plan to build its business in renewable energy and consultancy. The company aims to deliver the best, customized, cost-effective, and quality solutions for its clients.

Vihaan Solar Energy is the dream project of a pack of an enthusiastic and passionate team, having experience in the engineering, IT, and services sectors. The company started its journey by becoming the channel partner for WAAREE Energies Limited, the leading solar panel manufacturer in India. "The solar industry is an emerging market having a great future ahead. The best part which motivated us as a team is from those small cells, we can make various products that can be made for day-to-day activities to make life easier. The team at Waaree helped us a lot in getting our base correct by formal training and proper guidance. Becoming associated helped us in making our foundation strong," says Pratyush K. Samantaray, Managing Director, Vihaan Solar Energy.

Niche Product Offerings
Customers are the backbone of every business. Every customer is different, and so do their requirements. Vihaan Solar Energy has a few excellent products lined up in its R&D department, and the engineers are working vigorously to provide their best. The company craft products based on the application, so there is no single checklist or document that it follows while designing. Currently, it has two products as the others are in the design stage. One is the Solar Table, where the system is like an umbrella of solar panels, underneath which people can sit, charge their phones or do some work on their laptops while charging their devices from solar energy. It is free of cost without any external energy source. The system will work both day and night as it will have provision for energy storage. This product mainly caters to various educational institutes, public places, open cafes, and more. The other product is a Renewable Energy powered Boat for Eco-tourism, where diesel motors are currently used. It will be completely silent and without and emissions so that nature and animals are not disturbed.

The ISO 9001:2015 certified company's unparalleled expertise covers both off-grid (battery backup) and on-grid (net metering) solutions. Off-grid solutions cater to the short term/immediate needs of a customer, whereas, for on-grid solutions, the return is realized over a period of time, however, both the systems are designed and set up to last at least 25 years. One of the best things about the off-grid system is a quick installation where the system starts performing, and the payment is released by the customers immediately, it's a quick in and out the job. Even though the on-grid systems take time to get up and running due to various red tape and involved departments, the company insists customers' go for this system wherever possible as it gives very good returns in the longer run.

Vihaan Solar Energy's system design is done on wholesome software, where it provides the precise details of the structure and row spacing. That way time and effort are not wasted at the actual site, and the entire installation and the commissioning process go smoothly. The company customized solutions for each roof and try and fulfill the needs of the clients with innovative ways of designing the structure, design, equipment placement, and much more.

Customer is King
A few years ago, the customers hardly had any idea about products or how they function. Nowadays, they are eager to know how the system will perform. Today, they are well prepared with their set of questions. Vihaan Solar Energy provides a helping hand to such customers by answering all their queries and guiding them to make better and informed decisions. The company's phone lines are open 24x7x365. "We have a single mantra, educate the masses, and always keep the door open for questions. Everything is new, and people have lots of questions and if we are not up to the task of clearing the doubts, then we would not be able to convert the leads," says Pratyush.
To get the ball rolling, the Bhubaneswar-based startup kicked off with the main focus on small rooftop projects. But then people were not sure about solar energy and how it can benefit them on a larger scale. The important part was to educate them. The team went out, distributed flyers door to door, and even participated in fairs where it talked to the customer on a one-to-one basis. All that effort is starting to show now. The company has built a good clientele for both domestic rooftops and commercial ones. It has six big RESCO projects and has built a pipeline of approximately 1.MW to 1.4 MW in the coming month. "When we started, we knew nothing about the market, product, client behavior, or even how solar works. We have taken big strides and gained a lot of knowledge regarding the market, government department liasoning, and more. We have a rigorous training schedule from actual site visits during installation to the commissioned site, client interaction, government liasoning, and more for everyone who joins our team," he adds.


Young, Dynamic & Eager to Succeed
Vihaan Solar Energy has a young and innovative team with an average age of 30 years, and everyone gels well with one another. The team is from various domains and bring to table relevant years of experience that talks for itself. The entire team meets to brainstorm ideas and projects, and then everyone takes on their roles and responsibilities. More than product knowledge, Pratyush brings to table the work culture, ethics and way to carry oneself and the company. He tries and brings the team under his wing and guides them, be it the technical, marketing or any other department. He has his ways to encourage and motivate people and till now it has done wonders. Therefore, he is planning to follow the same in the coming years. He also guides the company through difficult times and comes out shining. "The future is uncertain however, one thing I'm certain of is our hunger for energy will grow and with that, the industry will also grow. The way we are focused and investing time and energy on our R&D, I see us as a major renewable energy player with a focus on building new and innovative products," he adds.

Vihaan solar energy's system design is done on wholesome software, where it provides the precise details of the structure and row spacing

Marching Forward Victoriously
For a clear future plan, Vihaan Solar Energy has a crystal-clear mindset. The company is looking to diversify, and along with rooftop, it is planning to build a portfolio as a product manufacturer. It has varied teams that handle each segment, and that is how they can keep the focus and progress forward. The R&D team is the main focus of the company, and now Vihaan Solar Energy is expecting to make inroads in the market with its new products. "Getting into solar energy is a win-win situation for all, clients will save heavily on their electricity bills. For investors is a long-term investment that will pay back in 4-7 years depending upon the project size. For entrepreneurs, this is a great industry to explore and there is huge scope to innovation. My only advice to them is to get a proper domain knowledge before getting into it rather than just being an agent where you make end-user meet the solar EPC company," he concludes.

Pratyush K. Samantaray, Managing Director
A Computer Science Graduate with experience in companies like General Electrics, British Telecom, after completing MBA. After Completing MBA from M.S Ramaiah Institute of Management, Bangalore, Pratyush decide to take an entrepreneurial plunge. He started working in few start-up across various domains which helped him knowing the in and out of how to run the show. Eventually, he zeroed in upon setting up Vihaan Solar.

At Vihaan Solar, Pratyush guides the entire team, be it the technical or marketing or any other department. More than the product knowledge, he brings the work culture, ethics and way to carry one self and the company.

Team Members:
• Bibhu Prasad Samantaray, Director ­ Finance
• Yogesh Sharma, Director ­ Marketing
• Md. Nafees, Head of Operations
• Raza Kalim, Head of Research Division

Offices: Bhubaneswar

The Differentiating Factors:
• Single Point Solution
All solution under a single roof. EPC, RESCO Projects, AMC. Products like On- grid and Off - Grid Plants, Street lights, Water Pumps, Solar Fencing

• Best Quality Guaranteed
Vihaan Solar is an ISO 9001-2015 company that promises to deliver the best quality work

• Best Pricing
Vihaan is an authorized partner with best pricing in the market

Client Testimonials
"The Solar system we've installed has exceeded our expectations in terms of the electricity savings we'd originally calculated so we're really happy with how it's performing. Having this system in place helps to ensure we can carry on making savings year-on-year. We are proud that we are giving back to the planet by going green."

Amitav Mishra, Director - Elliot Motors, Bus building Factory – Odisha

"Before using solar our monthly bill used to be around 3 Lakhs a month. Thanks to Team at Vihaan Solar for suggesting us to go solar. We now have Rooftop solar (Net metering), As our factory mostly run during day time, It helps us reduce our monthly bill by 65 per cent - 70 per cent".

O.P Sharma, Proprietor - R R and Brothers, Cashew Processing Factory – Delhi