G-SQUARE SOLUTIONS: Artificial Intelligence Driven Plug & Play Analytics

Gopi Suvanam & Gurpreet Singh,Co- FoundersArtificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are revolutionizing the way Industry is interacting with our data analytics solutions. The buzzword for today's fast moving organizations is data driven decisions. That is when AI based data analytics come into play which helps in enhancing organizations’ productivity, topline and bottomline by enabling them with data on the three Ws (Which product to sell, When is the right time to sell and to Whom to sell) and one H (How to pitch through right campaigns). Analytics as an industry is largely underpenetrated across many Indian enterprises especially in the mid and small size sectors. The role of analytics in enhancing organizations' productivity is not recognized as much in domestic markets though globally it is the starting point for decision making. There are very few companies globally who provide plug and play productified analytics solutions. To harnesses this huge potential, under penetration and solve the pain point of analytics products and services, Gurpreet Singh and Gopi Suvanam came together to form G-Square Solutions in 2014.

G-Square Solutions intends to replace manual data analysis with Robo-analytics products, especially for financial services, Fintech companies and Aggregators.

G-Square provides products and consultancy services in the analytics, machine learning, expert systems and business intelligence solutions space

The company provides products and consultancy services in the analytics, machine learning, expert systems and business intelligence solutions space. Sailing against the wind of understanding and living up to the expectations of the clients, team G-Square has come a long way to offer technical products and services and combines domain expertise with analytical skills that helps in productifying analytical insights.

Best known to possess a strong expertise in AI based Analytics and applying strong data engineering in each assignment, G-Square uses their in-house technology and proprietary algorithms for building models along with conventional methods. The output driven work approach provides a lot of comfort to the clients.

The company boasts of a young talented team and follows an internal framework G-POD to drive results.

Plug & Play Analytics Solutions

Solving real business problems through data driven insights and subject matter expertise, G-Square primarily has products and solution in two areas - sales and risk analytics side. On the sales analytics side, the company has four products - Narrator, Clientrator, Bigdator and Channelrator. Narrator is a Robo prescriptive analytics tool which
can visualizes huge amount of data & narrates the topmost actionable business insights on a real-time basis; Clientrator is a predictive tool for customer cross-sell, up-sell and attrition opportunities for business users; Channelrator dies teh sales channel predictive analytics. Bigdator is a big data tool which can process large volume of internal or external structured and unstructured data to arrive at insights relating to customer intent, news and social media analytics.

On the risk analytics side, Derivator is their proprietary tool for pricing and analyzing derivative products in Equities, Fx and Fixed income space. Riskrator tool performs risk and return attribution of Equity and Fixed income portfolios.

Gurpreet Singh, co-founder G-Square Solutions elaborates “In a limited span of two years, we have developed world class plug and play analytics products and also been able to add excellent client base including Banks, NBFCs, Wealth Management, Asset Management Companies and Fin-Tech companies driven by high quality of the work. We recently won the Emerging Analytics Services Company of the year award at Analytics India Summit held in Benguluru. We have slowly ventured in offshore territories and want to add mid to big size clients in Asia, Europe and subsequently Americas primarily driven by product sales. Soon, we will be adding manpower to supplement the growth of the company largely focused on product development and sales efforts. The ambition is to be a large global analytics player in times to come sooner than later!!!”