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  • 10 Best Startups in Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new buzzword that is attracting all the investors, budding Entrepreneurs and company’s attention across domains to a whole new dimension. Globally, the eye is on India because the AI startups in India have massively increased over the last few years and this has resulted in a tight competition in the ecosystem in terms of delivering the right technology. Due to this tight competition, these startups are continuously working hard to improvise their product efficiency by leveraging on AI, machine learning and analytics thereby providing higher accuracy and quickness in delivering solution to all its clients across domains. If we think of it, these technological startups are creating futuristic products that are going to revolutionize...

10 Best Startups in Artificial Intelligence

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Climate Connect Climate Connect Nitin Tanwar & Sanand Sule, Founder & CEO & Co-Founder & CTO AI driven model that provides data analytics and forecasts businesses in Energy Market across the globe
Corseco Corseco Arush Kakkar, Founder & CEO The cutting edge technology used by team CORSECO provides accuracy and quickness in delivering the solution to their clients
Formcept Formcept Suresh Srinivasan & Anuj Kumar, Co-Founders FORMCEPT, with a mission "to provide artificial intelligence from a large volume of content and make data analysis accessible for everyone," has developed a unified data middleware platform called MECBOT, which enables enterprises to rapidly cut through the data clutter and reduce the lead time for the entire data to decision value chain
Gsquare Solutions Gsquare Solutions Gopi Suvanam & Gurpreet Singh, Co- Founders G-Square provides products and consultancy services in the analytics, machine learning, expert systems and business intelligence solutions space
Quantmagnum Technologies Quantmagnum Technologies Kushal Rastogi , CEO QM.FIN framework caters to hedge funds, PMS, Wealth Managers, Family offices, Institutional trading desks and proprietary traders across the globe
Shopr360 Shopr360 Rajul Tandon & Pranav Bhruguwar, CEO & Co-Founder & COO & Co-Founder Emerging AI platform that uses existing CCTV, infrastructure and sensors for a brick-and-mortar setup to generate new data element on real time basis
Strideai Strideai Vijay Nadadur & Sendhil Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO & Co-Founder & COO Applies AI and Natural Language Processing on enterprise processes and intelligently automates them
Stylumia Intelligence Technology Stylumia Intelligence Technology Ganesh Subramanian & Ram Prakash H, Founder&CEO & Co-Founder&Chief Scientist Helps Fashion Industry professionals to data-curate global fashion trends and provides deep visual insights on products that work, generate realtime validation of the new product ideas