Habilelabs: High-quality Web-based and Mobile-based App Solutions

Ankit Dhir & Shankar Morwal,Co-Founders

Ankit Dhir & Shankar Morwal

It all began at a time when Ankit Dhir and Shankar Morwal were working as full-time developers in different companies. Both of them, during their course of work, were attuned to the Java scripts being an emerging technology even before companies began adopting and using it. During this time, they perceived a huge gap that existed between the requirements of development around JavaScript-based technology and available resources in the market. Leveraging their technical background, they zeroed in upon creating a company that would offer services around Javascript frameworks. “We created a highly efficient team to provide global services which helped us to kick start the journey of Habilelabs in 2015,” says Ankit.

Based out of Jaipur, Habilelabs is a premier software product development and IT-service provider company that provides
web-based and mobile app solutions. The company’s streamlined processes ensure best practices across the project development cycle and deliver insightful resolutions and innovation. “While IT services help an organization to make their work easier and faster, we offer IT-based business solutions along with full services. Great performance, highly secure code and amazing UI/UX are our focus areas for every client. Our core values revolve around embraing entrepreneurship, excellence. We are people of action. We work tirelessly until the job is done on time, exactly as promised,” he informs.

"Based out of Jaipur, Habilelabs is a premier software product development and IT-service provider company that provides web-based and mobile app solutions"

Habilelabs works on approx all the technologies and javascript frameworks. It provides solutions for JavaScript frameworks (node.js, Angular, React. js, Meteor.js), Databases (MongoDB, Oracle, MySQL, MS-SQL). It also has expertise in hybrid mobile technologies including React Native, Ionic framework, Meteor.js, native script and Flutter. Throwing light on the same, Ankit says, “Many large enterprises have started migrating towards JavaScript services. We are serving clients from differentsectors which include healthcare, education, ERP,
CRM and eCommerce, amongst others.”

The company houses a highly talented development team that has successfully developed solutions for dif¬ferent sectors. It further offers quality training to all of the developers which help them to develop and deliver quality solutions. Currently, Habilelabs consists of 60+ team members. “We target to make everyone feel right at home. We have regular group activities focused on new technologies that motivate them and help them boost their productivity,” mentions Ankit.

The Road Ahead
Strategically placed in Jaipur, Rajasthan, Habilelabs has been blessed with great human resources. The city has furthermore given it access to good infrastructure and favourable working conditions. Habilelabs has booked 60 to 80 percent revenue growth in the last two finical years. It has catered its services to Europe, Germany, France, Poland, United Kingdom, Sweden, Spain and has served 100+ enterprise clients across the globe, so far. In the years to come, the team envisions extending its IT outsourcing services to the USA and launching its sales office in Europe. “We have identified a couple of partners in USA and Europe. We are proceeding with a partnership model for sales in both countries,” he concludes on a positive note.