Hack Hunt Cyber Secure: Building an Army to Combat Cyber Crimes with Passion & Intelligence

 Abhishek Agrawal,    FounderIn 2021, the world witnessed a loss of $6 trillion to cybercrime. These losses are expected to rise to $10.5 trillion by 2025. Cybercrime is becoming an increasingly potent problem and requires strong cyber security to combat its critical nature. Cyberattacks are such that they leave no one alone be it individuals, governments, educational institutes or non-profit organizations all are equally susceptible to disruptive events caused by these malicious attacks.

Uniquely positioned in this space is Hack Hunt Cyber Secure, a cyber-security firm with an ever growing team of highly skilled Ethical Hackers, Security Researchers, and Cyber security Professionals with varying backgrounds, but ultimately passionate about technology, and about delivering impeccable service. Their Zeroth priority, is securing, and they cover a range of cyber security services that include network security solutions, cyber awareness programs, privacy related solutions, cyber forensic solutions, cryptographic solutions, security audit, compliance, website security testing, and cyber security training for all majority of sectors which includes educational, financial, enterprises, small business, and for individuals as well. Their services are clubbed under one time services, monthly and yearly packages.

What differentiates HackHunt from the competitors is that, whatever they provide is open source which helps in simplifying security. According to Abhishek Agrawal, Founder, "We don't live in the bubble, the typical ‘CyberSec/IT Person' resides. Whatever software we provide, they are free and open source with no privacy or other concerns. We believe in delivering exceptional service, enabling our customers to make the most out of security at the workplace and beyond".

We believe in the ethics of hacking. What ever software we provide, they are free and open source with no privacy issues or any other concerns for that matter

HackHunt's prides itself on catering to clients with humility and stern importance. It matters a lot that they do what they say they will do. Following through from beginning to end with reliability is what they aspire to do every day. As a team, they work hard, work smart and also have fun.

HackHunt also scrupulously maintains a blog which carries myriads of blog posts with a variety of cybercrime and cyber security content. HackHunt will be looking at providing cyber consultancy services, spreading awareness about cyber-security and even helping the local police, mainly the cyber cell in investigating cyber crimes. Abhishek further adds, "I would like to highlight our community program called HackHunt Army, where we connect students, working and non-working individuals on a real time platform to hack legally and get paid for it. It's like a freelancing platform".

At the heart of it, HackHunt is not just another cyber-security firm. While they are quite young in the field, they have a vision to follow- to eradicate cyber security attacks as not just a company, but also by growing an army of people who are similarly passionate and concerned about the growing trajectory of cyber attacks that have resulted in losses of reputation, operation and finances. HackHunt has its humble mission in place to build a community of repute, of dependable and credible people who are committed to attack the plethora of cyber-security issues with gusto and be the trustworthy people companies can turn to for dependable and robust cyber-security solutions.