Halcyon Media: Crafted Productive Solutions across Media Vehicles and Platforms

Jyotshna Kalita,Founder & CEO
Jyotshna Kalita
CEO & Founder
Amidst the constantly evolving digital landscape and rather cluttered conventional marketing space, strivesa team of thought leaders to create a bouquet of carefully crafted solutions across diverse media and platforms to create disruptive results – leading to greater reach, relevance and return on investment. They are the backbone of Halcyon Media. Mumbai headquartered Halcyon Media is a one stop solution provider for the marketing requirements of the clients. The young company has an approach that is holistic, integrated, pro-active and is driven by a desire to excel every time. “There are thousands of big and small agencies, cut throat competition, everyone striving for growth. One has to deliver visibly better product and services than competition. And that, precisely, is what sets us apart,” mentions Jyotshna Kalita, Founder & CEO, Halcyon Media. Jyotshna is also a National award winner poet.

Halcyon offers services in content, communication and media and primarily looks at the brand’s marketing requirements. Throwing light on, Jyotshna says, “We arrive at a SWOT analysis, do consumer and market research, and
depending on the size of client’s budget, we suggest the media vehicles and platforms where the brand should be present. Once we get the client’s buy on it – we detail the planning to the micro level.”Alongside the conventional and digital activities, the company also creates branded content. “Our best so far has been on National Geographic Channel and that itself speaks about the standard of quality we offer,” she mentions.

" Halcyon offers services in content, communication and media and primarily looks at the brand’s marketing requirements"

The Ideation of Halcyon
A content maker background let Jyotshna travel across diverse social strata, interact with an audience of various socio-economic classes. She was exposed to more clearer insights on human nature and changing times. Inheriting all of those, she gradually moved towards brand solutions. “This was a time when the shift towards content marketing had started and it opened up an ocean of opportunities for content experts to create a niche in the world of branding and marketing,” she informs. Halcyon was conceived with the vision of offering superior quality integrated content and communication solutions to small and mid-size brands at a time when digital convergence was progressing at great speed.

Surpassing the initial struggles, the company immediately got noticed due to a couple of campaigns including two TVC
campaigns for Badshah masala. The team accepted every challenge and delivered highest standard of quality which is at times are unthinkable for a tiny start-up agency. Jyotshna explicates, “The biggest challenge was to be able to say no to a number of projects and clients. We were choosy in the first three years, as we wanted to have a showcase we could be proud of. I kept the team small, overheads minimal and focussed on having fewer clients but delivering more than the client’s expectations.”

Halcyon - A Story of Passion and Efforts!
Over the years, team Halcyon has invested a lot into thinking, research and consumer interaction throughout the process of planning and execution. Known to thrive on intellectual capital, service leadership, transparency, pro-active approach and excellence in execution, the team has catered their services to clients such as TAITRA, Taiwan External Trade Developments Council that promotes brands like ASUS, Acer, Adata, MSI, Transcend, Guwahati Smart City Mission, Badshah Masala, Crystal Cookware, Indofil Industries, among others.

Further strengthening their digital and branded content vertical, Halcyon is in the process of creating more prestigious projects for their regular clients and some other major brands in the market. “We are hoping to rope in another international client soon. To sum up - we are confident that we will create a benchmark that will be hard to excel for other agencies of our size,” concludes Jyotshna.