Happy Making Films: A Premium Advertising Content Production Company

Ashish Bhatia,Founder & Producer

Ashish Bhatia

Founder & Producer

Over the past decades, advertising has changed a lot due to the switch from traditional print to the Internet. This change has introduced new technologies to more efficiently and accurately deliver advertisements to customers. But that doesn't stop there. Driven by technological developments, evolving consumer habits, and cost pressures, clients are increasingly seeking unified, best-in-class teams that can work across disciplines and agencies. Hence, we introduce Happy Making Films, a premium Film Production company.

Happy Making Films (HMF) is a creative audio-visual content production company in India. Based in Delhi, HMF offers value for the clients' money, making sure the brand campaigns are innovative. "At HMF, we love making films. We love to show people the quality work that we do at our workplace", says Ashish Bhatia, Founder & Producer, Happy Making Films.

The most visible way to reach out to the target audience is to make Ad Films. Happy making Films operates as one of the creative Ad film production company in Delhi who promises to make remarkable Ad films for its clients. Known as the emerging Ad film production houses in Delhi, the company works with the established and renowned Ad filmmakers in Delhi and across India to bring the best of creativity for their clients.

Founded in 2016, Happy Making Films set its foot in the Motion Pictures & Film industry. Headquartered in New Delhi, the company's specialties include Broadcasting & Media Production Company, Films, advertising, and motion GFX. Established to spread happiness, team HMF has worked with several brands. "There is not one single client who was unhappy about the work we did. We have had clients who came back to HMF for the quality we provide", says Ashish.

Backed by a secure fundamental/value system and experience of working with various big brands, a team of creative folks, marketers, learners, developers, coders, and Freelancers, they believe HMF is an experience rather than a company.

Every story has a destination. Inspired by simple things, HMF's strategy was to create good content that covered everything that we find in the world. Ashish Bhatia and his team believe in transforming ideas and thoughts into compelling stories. "We believe that every little thought has the potential for greatness. We translate those small ideas and thoughts into visual delights", he adds.

Happy making Film makes creative ad films for its clients and also plans to progress into a multi-purposive ad agency by adopting various new technologies

Happy making Film makes creative ad films for its clients and also plans to progress into a multi-purposive ad agency by adopting various new technologies. The team HMF is like true voyagers who seek stories to find the essence of life in every brand that they are associated with work. HMF chooses to share reality with the world by transforming new ideas into captivating stories.

Talking about the achievements, HMF takes the credit to win a Gold in the Best Customer Loyalty Campaign category for the ongoing digital series ­ Stories of MG. From winning Dada Saheb Phalke awards for the Best Music Ad Film and Khwaishein for MG Motors in 2019, Happy Making Film has come a long way. Looking forward, HMF aims to conquer the OTT platform and motion pictures in the future as a production company.

So, in a nutshell, HMF is taking an initiative to influence the power of advertising.