Happy Reliable Surgeries: Complex Surgeries Made Easy

Arpit Paliwal ,DirectorThe Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery Marketgloballyis expected to cross $20.5 billion (1.4 lakh crores) by 2022 -as per Allied Market Research. If we carefully analyze the emerging market trends and the major factors influencing this growth, it points out to the changing perception of patients and surgeons. And this is entirely because of the proven clinical benefits of the technologically enabled surgeries and constant innovation & investment in the market pushing the limits.

Surprisingly more than 70 percent medical equipments are being imported in India. And at present, India is rising in Medical Technology space asit is nurturing startups that are aiming to create a big impact on healthcare. Keeping note of this, Bangalore based startup named‘Happy Reliable Surgeries (HRS) Navigation’ came up with a big idea of developing India’s first Surgical Neuro Navigation System. While there were only few companies across the world who were able to achieve this, team HRS still wanted to take this challenge. The goal was to make an accurate,easy to use & affordable system
for India & other emerging economies.

Moving forward with consistency and involving various surgeons to ensure that the product meets their requirements and suit the Indian hospital infrastructure, HRS Navigation was successful in developing their product and started giving a strong competition to similar imported system in terms of accuracy and affordability. Known to be a healthcare startup focused on providing innovative computer assisted surgery solutions, HRS Navigation manufactures and markets high-tech surgical navigation systems.

Renowned national & international surgeons have given excellent feedback and appreciations for the quality and accuracy of the easyNav system

Precision. Quality. Results

HRS Navigation has emerged as the premier solution provider for Neuro and ENT surgeries.Enlightening on their flagship product easy Nav™ system, Arpit Paliwal, Director, HRS Navigation, speaks, “It works on a unique optical pattern recognition technology which gives 3D tracking accuracy of sub-millimeters.System also has state of the art and indigenously designed software technology which provides surgeons very easy maneuverability during the surgery using wireless technology and guides them for next steps. Its
unique technology eliminates the recurrent consumables cost present in other systems thus greatly reducing the operating cost.Overall it’s the most easy and economical system available in the market”.

HRS Navigation has many innovative tools which help surgeons to plan and execute surgery as per their plans. Renowned national & international surgeons have given excellent feedback and appreciations for the quality and accuracy of the easyNav™system. Elaborating further, Arpit adds “Our system usesImage processing algorithms for creating realistic 3D model ofpatient for accurate surgery, automatic image fusion for using CT & MRI together during surgery, live surgical guidance in 3D & frame less stereotaxy.”

Limitless Navigation Possibilities

HRS Navigation is supported by a team of clinical members, who are trained under R&D and clinical aspects. The team has extensive national/international R&D and clinical experience. An expert in their domain, the innovative startup providesalso live remote support inside OT when required during training surgeons and critical cases. 2
At present, HRS Navigation offers Cranial & ENT surgery solutions. Butin future, they also have plans of exploring Navigation technology products inSpine, Knee, and Virtual Fluoroscopy added to their portfolio. “It would be too early to comment but in the next 5 years we would like to see ourselves as cost effective robotic surgeries solution provider for national & International market”, concludes Arpit.