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    At present, the Medical Device Industry in India is evolving at a much faster pace and since there is constant innovation and research work driving the entire ecosystem, the Medical Devices are becoming more affordable and accessible in the market. And also thestartups are doing extremely well in terms of maintaining the standards and are slowly changing people’s mindset in the Medical Community. Since Medical Device Industry keeps fluctuating all the time in terms of product acceptability and technological advancements, implementation plays a vital role. However, with the help of Doctors and Healthcare Institutions, these startups are aiding the best possible results and are turning every ideainto a real time medical application. Moreover, with ‘Make in...

10 Best Startups in Medical Devices

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Embryyo Embryyo Prateek Jain, Co-Founder A medical technology company specializing in clinical need finding, inventing and commercializing novel medical devices
Happy Reliable Surgeries Happy Reliable Surgeries Arpit Paliwal , Director The Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery Marketgloballyis expected to cross $20.5 billion (1.4 lakh crores) by 2022 -as per Allied Market Research.
IndioLabs IndioLabs Siraj Bagwan, MD An alumnus of the prestigious Stanford-India Biodesign Program, with the goal of identifying specific clinical needs in India and other emerging market
Innvolution Healthcare Innvolution Healthcare Gaurav Agarwal, CEO & Director A well established supplier of Market leading Balloon Catheters and Drug Eluting Stents in the country
IZiel Healthcare IZiel Healthcare Sarvesh Mutha & Ankur Naik, Directors & MD Offers solutions in two main areas - Product & Process Development and the other is in Product Remediation
Kallows Kallows Gajanan Nagarsekar, MD Mobile health (mHealth) based medical device company that offers Telemetry solutions for Cardiology segment. Innovative Hardware and Software solutions which are indigenously designed and manufactured
PRIMERO MEDITECH PRIMERO MEDITECH Anuj Jha, Founder Cater to the needs of lowest to highest rung by developing quality certified products and services by giving competitive price
Venerated Technology Venerated Technology Rajindra Bhandari & Randeep Kapoor, Co-Founders & COO Develops cost-effective solutions which enhance hospital efficiency, patient care and overall safety in operation theatres and hospitals
Winglobe Healthcare Winglobe Healthcare Mavidipalli Thyagarajulu Naidu & Kunal Kishore, Directors A medical device company dedicated towards serving healthcare needs with a wide array of operating room products