PRIMERO MEDITECH: Quality Certified Medical Device Products and Services

Anuj Jha,   Founder

Anuj Jha


PRIMERO MEDITECH came into being when young and enthusiastic founder members came together to form this company with vast and varied experiences in the respective fields. The idea was to bring about a technical revolution in the field of healthcare. Healthcare services in India are now on the verge of positive expansion. However, due to high pricing of CE certified devices and the heavy duty import taxes to be paid for the same, a vast section of the society is unable to get quality healthcare amenities at lower affordable costs. PRIMERO MEDITECH caters to the needs of lowest to highest rung by developing quality certified products and services by giving competitive price.

Founded in 17th August 2016, the Maharashtra based company at the start had come across difficulties pertaining to being nascent in the market and gaining a strong foothold like any other startup. Along with this, manpower was their biggest cause of concern. Over a period of time, the urge to reach pan India level helped PRIMERO MEDITECH to carve a niche for them in the healthcare space. Today, the company effectively caters to the demands and requirements of the medical fraternity and offers surgical equipment and medical equipment which are economical in prices. Additionally, they import all their surgical and medical equipment from reputed vendors and provide them to clinics and hospitals where they are essential.

As for the name goes PRIMERO, it is derived from Spanish literature. PRIMERO means FIRST. In the vast growing medical device industry in India, it’s a race to the top position. But in our case it’s the race to deliver any required service or products on time which means being first, because the only most valued thing in any kind of market
is TIME. Hence our tag line goes so, “BECAUSE HEALTH COMES FIRST.”

PRIMERO offers products that are of best quality standards matching criteria of ISO standards and some of them are CE certified and FDA Approved

Medical Devices industry is one of the biggest, flourishing and evergreen industries in India. India holds the biggest market coverage for healthcare and medical devices companies. The very interest of many international brands trying to make their way into India shows the actual benefit which India can give just through medical devices industry. Setting stronger foothold in the industry, PRIMERO MEDITECH differentiates them by offering on-time and genuine services. Throwing light on, Anuj Jha, Director, PRIMERO MEDITECH, speaks, “Our key factor is exclusive add on services that we offer. Very few companies offer on-time and genuine service guarantee which is termed as after sales service which includes replacement guarantee for few machines and spare parts either. Moreover, we have a varied range of reliable, efficient and genuine products that can be offered to the industry which are again exclusive with us. We have a pan India presence with sales & service executives and dealers widespread all over India who are always ready to bring in inquiries and convert them and provide on-time servicing too”.

With a team of procurement experts who have superior analyzing power and test and verify the products being procured on all aspects of quality, PRIMERO offers products that are of best quality standards matching criteria of ISO standards and some of them are CE certified and FDA Approved. Some of their products include ICU Ventilator, Anesthesia Ventilator Multi-para Patient Monitor (5 para in 12 inches & 8 inches and 3 para), Syringe Pump, Infusion Pump, Blood Warmer, Baby Warmer, amongst others. “Our team ensures that the products are sourced from reliable and reputed vendors so that no flaws occur. We source medical equipment only from companies which are ISO
certified or CE marked so that our quality level is always maintained,” he says.

With quality products, the company has already helped Dr. JN YADAV, INDU DIABETO by providing him with syringe pump and infusion pump, Mr. Bijoy Chako, CARE MEDICAL SYSTEMS, AKOLA with vaporizer, KHADAKPADA MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITAL, KALYAN with servicing of various products.

The Growth Plan

Since inception, PRIMERO MEDITECH has seen substantial exponential growth in the financial sector. Every month reports 50 percent growth with inquiries converting to orders and orders with advance payment. Currently, PRIMERO boasts of a competent team of six employees and three major dealers / distributors working for them all over India. “At PRIMERO, we strive to provide a purely hierarchical culture wherein every single thing is documented for records purpose. To update the skills of our employees, we organize various brainstorming sessions wherein the knowledge of every single employee is focused upon to increase and monthly training sessions are also conducted for different products,” adds Anuj.

Strategically moving forward, PRIMERO has plans to venture into the big fish chain with one big client under the banner. Besides, they have thoughts to launch two of their own products in the market namely Anesthesia ventilator and Patient monitor. Narrating the other future plans, Anuj concludes, “As for Indian Market in the near future, we are planning to operate from four major zones simultaneously having individual offices for the respective zones and as for Foreign Market we are planning for exports of our products at effective prices with best quality standards. It will give us more exposure to the market, more financial growth and remote reach too. In the long term future, we are planning to come up with our own manufacturing unit which will be up to the internationally acclaimed medical devices standards, so as we can manufacture quality products and that too at affordable prices and so as we can go global with the readiness to deliver any quantity on-time”.