Harbor: Creating a Tech Ecosystem with Medicos at the Epicenter of Healthcare Action

Jateen Waghdhare,     CEOThere is no doubt that medical practitioners are people who carry immense responsibility on a daily basis-to treat and improve conditions of patients and give them the best care possible. While shouldering such big responsibilities, they also have the challenges of running their clinics which include a wide gamut of challenges reducing operational costs, increasing revenue and most importantly, attaining high operational efficiency. In this scenario, a clinic management platform is a necessity, that will help in streamlining processes and enables staff with more leverage to provide improved care to patients.

"Presenting HArbor, a'Futuristic Retail Healthcare Management Platform' that integrates innovative healthcare solutions"

Presenting HArbor, a ‘Futuristic Retail Healthcare Management Platform' that integrates innovative healthcare solutions by leveraging advanced technologies in their simplest forms to create sustainable and standard healthcare operations across care facilities. They are working in two interconnected verticals focused on Private and Public healthcare. In the private healthcare segment, they are a doctor centric healthtech platform that runs every day operations in the retail environment bringing Medicos, their medical management staff, their administrative staff, doctor chosen Pathologists & Radiologists and their patients on a single platform.

On the other side on care delivery, especially in rural India, they have created a Sub Zero level care delivery system which enables SOP driven, closely monitored and affordable healthcare services to patients in these under served communities of Rural India.

They have successfully piloted their healthcare kiosks in various districts with paramedic supported assisted telemedicine technology. These kiosks are connected
to doctors, which can in return ask the trained paramedics to perform all screening tests either via Rapis Test Kits or Battery Operated Pathology machines in the kiosk itself. They support a plethora of diagnostic tests with card-based rapid test and even a majority of highly sophisticated tests like Biochemistry, Hematology, Urine and Thyroid on their CE-certified and FDA machines using dry chemistry.

Everything we have built is best-in-class and has been built with the intent to scale and grow

HArbor is 'Not a doctor discovery platform' and has designed their retail healthcare management platform in a way which gives their medicos all facilities like online appointments, telemedicine, online EMR, billing & invoices but without the side effects of being listed as a service provider on a listing platform.

Their turn key retail healthcare platform provides End to End Clinic Management, an internationally recognized EMR system packed with Speech to Text AI End to End Diagnostic Management with mobile driven pathological machine integration, inbuilt PACS for radiological modalities & lose integration with medicos, even when the medical facility is an external entity and a Health Kiosk based care delivery mechanism for public healthcare.

Using assisted telemedicine technology, they also offer their private healthcare doctors to operate permanent healthcamps or satellite centers for extending their medical services to remote areas where doctor to population is very low.

Kartik Vijaywargi, Founder, MD & CTO

According to Kartik Vijaywargi, Founder, MD & CTO, " We have always wanted to empower our doctors simply because we can never have enough doctors in a country of 130+ crore people. So only when you remove the burden of mundane tasks from the shoulders of doctors, then only the face of care delivery can change in India. With that thought, HArbor was born”.

The future roadmap for HArbor is promising. In the next five years, they are looking to transform the way health tech is perceived in India. They have set am-bitious targets of being present in more than 15000 healthcare providers across the country. In the public healthcare space, they want to be touching more than 30 crores of Indian population for every OPD via HArbor Kiosks.

HArbor is determined in rebuilding healthcare with the support of their doctors, the way it is needed.