Spline AI: Specializing In Healthcare AI Products and Service

Syed Hussain,FounderWe are in the middle of fourth Industrial revolution driven by Artificial Intelligence and High Performance computer processors. The age old rampant Healthcare system is seen undergoing a major revamp propelled by AI. Yet, the conventional healthcares practices resist major changes. Even today, patients have no choice but to linger for hours to get their checkups done. While the clinics routinely order for unnecessary medical tests to charge lump sum from the patients, the physicians with almost no empathy prescribe medicines without going deep to understand the patient's concerns. This didn't go un noticed by Syed Hussain who to bring AI to provide holistic solution for enhancing healthcare. A PhD in AI from IIT Kharagpur, Syed understood that AI can make real difference to healthcare by huge improvement to the treatment, reducing cost and increasing trust between patient and the Healthcare organization. Eventually, this marked the beginning of SplineAI in April 2018 by Syed and co-founded by city based expert ENT micro surgeon, Dr. Shahab A. Siddiqui.

Run by a matured leadership team who decades of experience from large organizations SplineAI specializes in Healthcare AI products and services. Its capabilities are built on Artificial Intelligence and High Performance Computing platforms, Healthcare domain knowledge and strong management. The company has partnership with major technology companies for various segments, they include NVIDIA inception member, NVIDIA CLARA, FHIR, XILINX, Google Healthcare, AWS and Microsoft Azure.

A Proactive Healthcare Conversational UI platform

The flagship product of SplineAI is Dr. Spline, an intelligent Cloud based Healthcare platform that leverages latest AI techniques
and global standards(FHIR). The team develops Projects, modules, applications and provides consulting services for our global clients across multiple development platforms across Cloud, On Prem and hybrid environments.

Other than this, it provides services on Migration of EHR based Healthcare suite to latest FHIR based Healthcare suite, Develop FHIR based custom Healthcare Apps, Develop Healthcare Deep Learning Analytics and BigData Analytics using advanced NVIDIA GPU and toolkit like NVIDIA CLARA, NVIDIA RAPIDS. "We develop Population Healthcare Analytics, Develop 5G based Healthcare IOT application with Edge Computing by NVIDIA GPU, Develop Healthcare Mobile Application on Android/iOS and Wearable devices (Smart on FHIR), Healthcare DevOps in OnPremise or Cloud, NLP Solutions(Speech - to - Text)for Healthcare areas,"he informs.

SplineAI's capabilities are built on Artificial Intelligence and High Performance Computing platforms, Healthcare domain knowledge and strong management

The Journey

Since 2018, the company has been experiencing innovation. "We have set up a Research & Development center, and we have been coming up with ideas to concepts, and have been developing our core product Dr. Spline. The product will be available as alpha in the next few weeks and the product will be released in the next half of this calendar year which will be both cloud and on prem ready. We are also partnering with large Healthcare and IT organizations to build custom solutions and micro services for various healthcare requirements," he informs.

Dr. Shahab Siddiqui, Co-Founder & Director
Syed Hussain, Co-Founder & CTO

SplineAi houses a team of 15 employees in addition to a few interns who works on various technologies including IoT 5G, Natural Language Processing (NLP) using Kaldi, Deep Learning, Image analytics using NVIDIA and GPU. The company is based in Bangalore and has system integrators few other countries/ geographies.

In the coming years, team SplinAI’s focus would be on enhanced voice assistance capability, Analytics to Predict probable future disease, Enhanced NLP, DICOM and Ultrasound Segmentation, Population Health Analytics, Interoperability on multicloud platforms, Precision Medicines for Cancer and few other Complex Diseases Large Scale Genome and Molecular Simulation to develop the customize Medicines, amongst others.