Helfis: Your Personal Health & Fitness Companion

Abhinav Mahajan, Co-Founder,Aditya Sharma, Co-Founder

Abhinav Mahajan, Co-Founder

Aditya Sharma, Co-Founder

Technology has made this world a small place, with regular inventions and advancements in every field, be it general sciences, medicine, education or health etc. While technology has added comfort to everything we do, it has made man lazy, weak and more prone to diseases, particularly, chronic diseases also termed as lifestyle diseases. To cater to this problem of rise in lifestyle diseases, technology has taken refuge in the age old statement, “Prevention is better than Cure!!” With this the idea of wearable devices was born. There are many wearable devices available in the market that monitors your fitness, help you in sports, check your food nutritional value, record your body vitals, diagnose various lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes, etc.

With time people have become more conscious about their health, fitness and wellness strata and this is one of the reasons for the growth in the wearable industry. Over past five years, the wearable devices have matured, from a normal pedometer bands to adopting a Heart rate monitoring technology. Capitalising on this wave of wearable, a Delhi- NCR
based company, Helfis Technologies Pvt Ltd, has come up with innovative fitness products - Salveo and Cyclist.

Salveo is more than a Heart Rate Monitor, it is a Personal Coach!! It provides a real time voice assisted coaching to the user through a proprietary App, available for iOS and Android

Imbibing State-of-the-Art Technology to ensure Fitness Goals
Salveo - ‘Hear is the Future’, is a next generation hearable device that has infra-red Heart Rate monitoring sensor and collects the data from with-in the ear, hence providing over 99% accuracy in data, as against about 85% accuracy from Heart Rate Sensors in Smart-watches or other fitness bands. “Salveo is more than a Heart Rate Monitor, it is a Personal Coach!! It provides a real time voice assisted coaching to the user through a proprietary App, available for iOS and Android. What makes Salveo remarkable? Other devices show data and provide detailed analysis - post activity, but Salveo guides you real time adjusting your body to different target zones, so as to increase the effectiveness of the activity. One can monitor HR, set their targets like fat loss, muscle building, anaerobic or use for different sports like running, jogging, cycling etc. and also work on improving their VO2 Max, Respiration Rate.”said Abhinav
Mahajan, CEO, Helfis Technologies.

Helfis has launched another product ‘Cyclist’- A wearable exclusively for Cyclists. Explicating on Cyclist, Aditya Sharma, Co-Founder, Helfis says, “In the Indian market there are not many wearables that are exclusively designed for cyclists. The earphones, if used by the cyclists, always maintain the risk to the rider or the other vehicles on the road as the noise cancellation feature poses a road safety threat. CYCLIST is a power pack with all great features, like HR Monitor, Bone Conduction Technology, Road Safety, Mesmerizing Sound Experience and above all a device with Smart Gesture Control and GPS monitored trail mapping. Rider can answer the call on the nod of the head and reject the call at shake of it.”

Helfis was formed when Abhinav was suffering from lifestyle disease and consulted his batch mate from BITS Pilani, Aditya Sharma about the solution. Later they both decided to start something into the Preventive Healthcare domain and promote healthy and sporty lifestyle, resulting in formation of the company.

Helfis comprises of team of consultants, technocrats, healthcare experts, trainers & others from across the world and strives to achieve its vision to create sustainable solutions for better, safer &healthier life for people everywhere. The company has made its productsavailable for sale over various e-Commerce channels and looking forward to partner with offline distributors.