HelloDox:Connecting Medicos!!

Gyan Ranjan & Manish Nahar,Co-FoundersCommunication forms the foundation of any society, but more importantly, within it also, it’s the essence of medical vocation. Lack of congruous communication between medicos is a compelling argument for them to have their own networking site, where they can facilely connect, discuss patients’ case, store files, keep personal notes and apportion the clinical information. Infelicitously, there are remotely any web or app services that can avail medicos and fulfil their needs. Even if it’s there, it scarcely suffices the complex needs of a medico. To fill in the vacuum that has left medical professionals in the non-communication zone, HelloDox was launched in 2014 to connect verified medicos and let them share medical reports, diagnostic observations with other doctors to avail in treating a patient better.

HelloDox was conceptualised in Pune, as a component of Kreativsarg Technology, by Rituraj Singh, Amit Ranjan, Sandeep Kumar, Gyan Manjhi and Manish Nahar. The bootstrapped company brings in a neo-communication system for the medical community. Amidst challenges of
peril factors, doctors do not fortify mechanisms in decision making process. Eliminating the cognitive part in it, this HIPAA adhering portal focuses only on communication and collaboration process, which avails in making a better clinical decision. Rituraj Singh, the progenitor, explicates, “We ascertain this web portal to be exclusive for medicos.

We handpick each user’s credentials to purge a single quack in the website and fixate on communication through digitalised documentation for easy access when needed”. To facilitate health professionals, it has Virtual clinic or Digital Practice Management, where primary care physician can seek specialist opinion on the patient as well as store patients’ medical records digitally utilizing the secure vault of HelloDox, thus changing his clinic to paperless! To simulate real working conditions, here a doctor can refer patient virtually to a specialist. For Indian scenario HelloDox has provided the clinics/hospitals facility to have a separate assistant login for patient document and appointment management.

On the professional networking front, it has ‘Follow’ and ‘Add’ - friends options as well. Apart from these, HelloDox hosts job opportunities directly from the recruiters to medical students and professionals. For guidance, medical students can withal engage in conversation with their alumni as well as experts across the country. HelloDox also has a ‘MedXFinder’ module through which patients can directly book their appointment with medicos. Advertisers such as drug Store and
hospitals can get enlisted in MedXFinder to increase their visibility to both doctors and patients.Integrating to the bucket of features, this site has hand curated medical news by specialities and also allows access to numerous medical journals for the latest updates in the medical world.

Maintaining a cap for free patient record keeping and patient referrals, HelloDox charges an iota as subscription to maintain the illimitable storage for practitioners to store patients’ data and for incoming referrals.


With graduates from pinnacle colleges, this company is flourishing through the spirit of communiqué and co-ordination in the ebullient startup culture. Developers always stay au-courant with top-notch technologies and these brilliant brains behind Hellodox bring out the best as per the feedback of the doctors.

Introduced three and half months ago, HelloDox’s website has already inward tremendous responses from the medicos across the country as around 1000 doctors use this portal on daily substructure and generating more than 25000 transactions in terms of patient management, case discussions and patient referrals. Massive responses motivated the team to grow and would annex ten thousand medicos more in the next six months to the portal. Amidst fund raising activities, the first-of-its-kind doctors’ professional networking site is orchestrating to introduce its mobile apps in next two months additionally.