Hemploom India: Crafting Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Fashion Options of the Finest Quality

Vishal Singh ,CEO & Founder

Vishal Singh

CEO & Founder

Organic, natural, and ecofriendly products have entered the new vogue and are being incorporated into the lives of millions around the world. This concept of sustainable living is no longer limited to medicine and preventive health products but has also influenced the clothing, fashion, and textile industries.Known for its natural, organic, and pest-resistant nature, hemp fabric is something one should never fail to know about and nobody does it better than Hemploom when it comes to quality, sustainability, ethics, and luxury.

Hemploom is India's first hemp fabric studio, committed to providing products that are ethically procured, carefully handcrafted, and free of any chemicals or hazardous substances. Inspired by the growing awareness of the negative environmental impact of the fast fashion industry and the need for more sustainable alternatives, Hemploom India was founded in 2020 to promote sustainability and ethical practices in the fashion industry by utilizing hemp fibers. From fabrics to design, Hemploom takes pride in providing the highest quality and craftsmanship. With its extensive selection of fabrics, prints, and dyeing services, Hemploom ensures that its customers look and feel fantastic in any Hemploom creation.

Hemploom India believes in creating products that not only look and feel good but also have a positive impact on the environment and the communities involved
in their production. The firm is dedicated to using only sustainable and ethical practices in all aspects of its business, from raw material sourcing to product manufacturing and shipping. Hemploom India provides a variety of sustainable fashion products made from hemp fibers, such as clothing, accessories, and home decor as well as ecofriendly packaging materials. The firm's flagship product is its hemp clothing line, which includes hemp shirts, trousers, kurta pajamas, Jawahar cuts, suits, and so on. Overall, the firm's strategy is to position its products as the best option for consumers seeking sustainable and ethical fashion options without compromising quality or style.

From fabrics to design, hemploom takes pride in providing the highest quality & craftsmanship

Hemploom India collaborates with other sustainable options such as linen, organic cotton, bamboo, silk, and so on. The firm is constantly looking for new ways to incorporate hemp fibers into its products and offers distinctive designs and styles that stand out in the market. Hemploom India's inhouse dyeing and printing facilities allow it to offer low minimum order quantities and provide hand-holding support for sampling and production. Clients do not have to settle for what is available in the market, and the firm assists them by bringing their ideas and prints into reality.

Hemploom India understands the importance of technology in the fashion industry and is leveraging it to enhance its products and services. One way the firm accomplishes this is by utilizing AI and other available tools to assist in the development and design of motifs for its clients' collections. “Overall, the key to overcoming challenges as a startup is to remain adaptable and willing to pivot when necessary. This requires a willingness to take calculated risks, a dedication to continuous learning and improvement, and an unwavering focus on providing value to customers. It takes great courage and determination to pursue a dream that has the potential to have a significant impact on our environment and society,” says Vishal Singh, CEO and Founder.

Hemploom India is looking forward to launching fabric studios across India and eventually abroad to promote hemp and sustainable alternatives. The future vision of Hemploom India is a fashion industry that prioritizes sustainability and ethical practices over profit. The firm believes by creating fabric studios that showcase the benefits of hemp and sustainable alternatives, can inspire others to adopt more environmentally friendly practices and help to create a better future for generations to come.