Highbrow Diligence Services: Brings in Best-in-class Technology for the Commercial Real Estate sector

Saju Sasindran & Hari Madavan,Co-FoundersThe rise of technology has driven radical disruption in almost every major industry of the world today. Organizations have embraced it as an integrated part for ministering the up and running of the various activities. And beyond any doubt it can be said that these innovative solutions have significantly eased and expedited business manoeuvres. This breakaway has revolutionized the facet of the Commercial Real Estate which gradually brought into being many new-fangled solutions, availing the power of the latest technologies in the realm.

To give a push this technological evolution forward, a group of tech geniuses and industry mavens banded together to think up top-hole solutions and services for the upliftment and the interest of the Commercial Real Estate sector. In the light of this aspiration, they laid the corner stone of Highbrow Diligence Services- a technical and resources talent hub that delivers timely and top of the range services catering the needs of the clients in the commercial real estate industry. "Each one of us has spent substantial time in this space and has witnessed the transformation that resulted from technological intervention. This change has empowered innovators like us to mitigate the glitches and work on the efficiency. Our passion to bring about speed, 360 degree exposure in commercial real estate (Domain), and confidence on capabilities of technology (Solution), enkindled us to venture into this domain and establish Highbrow Diligence Services” narrates Hari Madhavan, one of the Co-Founders and Head of Business Solutions, Highbrow Diligence Services.

The company has set its hands on developing Enterprises Solutions, Customer Software, Data Warehouse & BI, and Cloud Services. The services for which it is known widely can be listed as Lease Abstraction, Lease Administration, Finance & Accounting, Due Diligence, and Capital Market. These
avant-grade, appropriate and cost-effective products are crafted to reduce the burden of managing the day-to-day operations of Commercial Real Estate. Managing man-power being the utmost important and critical task to start with, the output of this endeavour is the incredible solution - HiPower, the man-power e-management system. They have used state-of-the-art technology and methodologies such as Blockchain, AGILE, SCRUM and RUP to devised quality solutions for the commercial real estate industry.

At its nascent stage, Highbrow Diligence Services has also advanced data analytics services like creating financial modelling, property valuation support, lease abstraction, developing and managing debt models and data aggregation for few real estate companies in the US. "Giving quality the top priority, we have been delivering services and products to address various functions of the real estate operations. Availing the 20 years of experience we have been working on various applications for commercial real estate which are into different segments, like, BI, CRM etc. It was only after shrewd speculations that we launched SAAS application and a mobile app which consisted of all the core functions that any man-power e-management would require," avers, Hari Madhavan.

With the right attitude and a motivated team, highbrow diligence services passionately makes commercial real estate an easy business

The self-disciplined and adroit team of Highbrow Diligence Services has passionately collaborated to meet its objectives. It is for them that the company has reached its desired crowning point. Now to keep this prolific squad at its best shape, the company observes a fun, family-like healthy work culture that allows the employees to breathe in at their comfort level. From maintaining their professional expectations to support them maintain a cordial relationship be-tween office and home; Highbrow Diligence Services does it all. "We take note of the tiny little things that matter to our employees. We give them ample scope to upgrade their skills and grab opportunities. To keep them inspired and motivated we maintain a friendly relation-ship with each other which keeps us open to sharing, discussing and exchanging ideas. Our expectation from our workforce is to back us in our endeavours and in return keep a tab on their requirements," says Saju, the other Co-Founder and Head of Operations.

The Forward Move
Over the years, this bootstrapped company has observed an exponential growth in every aspect. Inch by inch, it has grown in terms of team and clients which include international market such as Singapore and Malaysia. Currently it has partnered with companies in India, UK and US and completed lot of projects. "From a team of three we have now grown to twenty who have ardently explored SAAS application development. From a geographical standpoint, we are now working only from Chennai, OMR area," adds Hari Madhavan.

In the near future, the company aims to be a million dollar industry, building relationship with the APAC region. It is on its mission to hire the right talent to handle all future assignments and other bigger goals.