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Pyar Mohamed Baghdad,   Founder & CEO

Pyar Mohamed Baghdad

Founder & CEO

The Indian foodtech industry is growing rapidly with the emergence and development of verticles like food and grocery delivery, personal chefs, box delivery and on demand meals these are becoming popular day by day. There is a confluence of many successful food tech based startups currently operational in India along with several upcoming and promising ones but nothing can beat the taste of home-made food. Nowadays, customers in this segment are looking for fresh and delicious food from the hands of home chefs. HIGHRICES is a home food marketplace mobile app platform which is perfectly filling that void in the market as it allows users to order home cooked meals from local home chefs.

Established in Chennai, HIGHRICES is founded with a vision to offer a platform from where people can order homemade food from authentic home chefs in the neighbourhood of people. The platform also provides a chance to budding entrepreneurs to start their own kitchen and sell home food to their insatiable neighbours. The idea behind HIGHRICES is to offer a wonderful opportunity for all home makers, housewives and passionate cooks to generate good revenue from the comfort of their homes. “Our sole motive behind the foundation of HIGHRICES is to bring together passionate home chefs and health conscious home food lovers onto a common platform”, says Pyar Mohamed Baghdad, Founder & CEO.
Cherish Taste of Home Cooked Food within the Gated Community
HIGHRICES also takes care of all the marketing and digital marketing for home chef’s business, ensuring that they have a strong online presence and that their brand is visible to potential customers. The team at HIGHRICES provides extensive training to home-chefs to ensure that they have the required skills and knowledge to create delicious meals for the customers. HIGHRICES also provides state of the art kitchen equipment, high quality raw materials and all the necessary supplies to run their business. People have the option of either picking up the food they ordered from their neighbour’s doorstep or get it delivered right to theirs. “The platform provides an opportunity to home chefs especially women to not just earn money but also appreciation, respect and gain popularity within their community”, says Karthik Iyemperumal, Co-founder & CTO.

A home food marketplace app like HIGHRICES can be a great way for women to achieve empowerment & independence through entrepreneurship & the digital economy

The idea for HIGHRICES was conceived in November 2021 and in such a short span of time, the startup has built a strong client base. HIGHRICES is majorly focused on delivering healthy food since customers prefer home cooked meals prepared by talented locals. There is no dearth of local home chefs who can cook and sell food in their neighbourhood. Customers can choose from a wide variety of cuisines offered by home chefs who have set up their own virtual restaurants and have peace of mind knowing that their food meets food authority standards.

The company believes that longer delivery distances can lead to higher fuel consumption and emissions. This is especially true in urban areas where traffic congestion and stop and go driving can lead to lower fuel efficiency. Keeping in sync with the spirit of meaningful innovation, HIGHRICES goes a step further in the food tech and delivery space by holistically inculcating a proactive social cause in its business model. Additionally, the platform also provides solutions to manage and process orders. This allows customers to order from multiple chefs or home kitchens using a single, unified platform. Moving forward, HIGHRICES is on track to grow rapidly and use its team member’s knowledge, expertise and research to find better ways for the world to feed itself.