Hirearchy: Building Teams, Boosting Wealth & Welfare

Neeti Garg,Founder

Neeti Garg


Women entrepreneurship & employment is increasing globally across sectors. However, data & research shows that out of 100 business owners only seven are women. We see more acceptance, encouragement, support given to women entrepreneurs and leaders now. But, zooming into a bigger picture, entrepreneurship and employment opportunities for mothers are far and few. Today organizations face the challenge of not having sufficient women in leadership roles. At the same time, there is a huge untapped and underserved segment of highly qualified, extremely talented, experienced mothers who would have been at leadership roles had they received flexible career options suiting their calibre post career break. Mumbai-based Hirearchy is one such compassionate organization for women, especially the mothers who are passionate to add value not only to themselves but also to the society.

The Start
As the founder of Hirearchy, Neeti comes with successful career stints at QAI, a global consulting firm, and ICICI Prudential, along numerous other learning initiatives and substantial voluntary service experience. She has received several accolades and Leadership awards during her corporate journey. It’s after her sabbatical break to raise her little daughter, she faced several challenges to continue with full time jobs. This experience inspired her to do something bigger, more meaningful to support herself and other mothers in that position. This made her embark upon the journey of entrepreneurship to nurture what she knows the best – The Right Attitude through the triad of E – Empathy, Energy, and
Empowerment and established the brand Hirearchy in the year 2018.

Hirearchy as a Compassionate Brand
The new-age HR Consulting firm serves a larger purpose with not just value creation with revenue but adding happiness in people’s lives, creating opportunities, improving efficiency, reducing hassles in connecting organizations & employees, and so much more. “We are in people connecting space and are overwhelmed to give scope for candidates to have a better lifestyle and the organizations to scale their business by adding a perfect team member,” says Neeti Garg, who is extremely proud of her own team, that shoulders the brand responsibility equally.

She further adds, “We operate on three pillars i.e. strength, warmth and compassion. Focus is on creating agile and strong service, delivered with high energy and passion leading to equal opportunities for everyone. So alongside RoI (Return on Investment), the team works around a much robust foundation of RoE (Return on Empathy) increasingly moving from ‘only for profits’ to creating something ‘worthy of profits’ and making a larger difference to the society.”

Hierarchy serves a larger purpose with not just value creation with revenue but adding happiness in people’s lives, creating opportunities, improving efficiency, reducing hassles in connecting organizations & employees

Under its exclusive initiative “She 2.0”, it strongly endorses empowering Mothers. “The lack of options for a mother despite having the necessary skill sets was my inspiration for taking up this initiative. Through Hirearchy, we support them and back them up with marketing and other functional expertise,” she informs. She 2.0 is now likely to give Hirearchy a head-start in post-COVID era, as they are already working around hybrid frameworks to maximise efficiency,” she informs.

Journey and the Future Plans
The core team of the company has a cumulative experience of more than 50 years across corporate strategy, consulting, marketing, sales, digital media, and technology. Their market intelligence framework, use of AI, social media tools and detailed candidate profiling is helping them to deal with the most critical metrics – Quality of Hire and Time to Hire. Operating from Mumbai & Delhi, it has served over 35 organizations across industries.

Witnessing over 40 percent YoY growth, it is planning to mark presence in Bangalore as well. “Soon we will also be undertaking various L&D initiatives and Employee Engagement programs to leverage our learnings. We are planning to organize e-recruitment events to connect companies & candidates on one platform,” she concludes.