HirezU Management Services: Super Specialty HR Solutions Provider

Ishita Duggal & Prince Duggal,FoundersCultivating a successful Staffing, Recruitment & Mentoring strategy is a key part of any organization’s success. Especially, in a developing economy like India, the strategic recruitment plays a vital role to accomplishment of established, growing & start-up organizations. Given its significance, this remains a key challenge and the top executives invest their substantial time to strategies their recruitment & training. Coming from the highly competitive corporate world, Ishita Duggal & Prince Duggal understood the importance & challenges of recruitment. They saw a dream together to offer end-to-end HR Solution to Organizations, so they can focus on improving their bottom lines. This marked the beginning of HirezU, a new generation HR Consultant company that offers highly competitive services in the human resources area.

As the brain child of seasoned professionals who put in together brings 3+ decade of corporate experience, HirezU’s journey so far has been worth in terms of client satisfaction and their testimonials."Our industry is dynamic & we need to be really responsive to the requirements.
So,here we are trying our best to deliver & stand out. We ideated this, started working on to bring it in the shape," speaks Ishita.

HirezU has been recognized amongst Top Job Recruiters in India for our efforts at being goal driven by developing and delivering a customized approach to providing HR Recruitments pan India

Ultimate Solutions for all Manpower Needs
Based in Navi Mumbai, HirezU leaves no stone unturned to perform as a very methodical organization with focus on delivery of the services. The company tends to give their best in understanding the uniqueness of every industry, organization and the departments along with their unique business requirements. "What is best suited for one may not be effective for the other. So,we don’t really work on product model. We invest time with our clients to understand their requirements and custom the services based on the needs," Prince avers.

Deeming Human Resources Management as the core area of focus and specialization, HirezU allows the clients to converge their energies on their business -its management and growth. With their expertise, team HirezU understands the requirements, nature & criticality of a job and with their screening process and they find the best fitment. “Our uniquely designed
services & customization enables an organization to leave all HR worries to us,”he says.

Be it services related to recruitment, training, employee management or employee engagement, the team of talent evaluators at HirezU takes up on their capable shoulder the tedious task of identifying talent and assisting businesses find a perfect companion and perform¬er who blends right in. "HirezU has been recognized amongst Top Job Recruiters in India for our efforts at being goal driven by developing and delivering a customized approach to providing HR Recruitments pan India. This has motivated us enough to bridge the growing gap between talent and the corporate world." Ishita mentions.

The Journey so Far
In a short span of 6 months, HirezU has grown to a full member team of 15 people. The company has been growing both in terms of happy customers & increased number of job opportunities they have fulfilled till date. As a young & ambitious organization, HirezU always has had a great aspiration to change the look out of the industry.

"We want to be a game changer. With our curious mind and result oriented attitude, people can surely look for the innovative ideas and unique combination of services from us. We are and will be a team with a difference. Going forward, we wish to be the synonym to HR outsourcing, Ishita concludes on a positive note.