HR Tactics : Seamless Investiture of HR Practices in the Organizational Regime

Milind Suresh Halbe,FounderThe development in Human Resource Management has stepped up the game for businesses to aid their growth and the employer-employee relationship. HR Tactics, a Pune-based HR solutions provider has been revolutionizing and enhancing the HR P r ac tic es for the start-up ecosystem and the midsize corporations since 2019. The firm specializes in the fields of Strategic HR Management Social Media Management, Operation Matrix, and Training and Development Programs. The company also offers its services in the areas of HR Practices, Organizational Development, Hiring Solutions, and Employer Branding to its clients.

HR Tactics' self-made methodical approach adds value to the employer's brand image in the market by helping them hire the best quality candidates. Milind Halbe, the Founder, has almost two decades of expertise in the HR domain. HR Tactics' Management Team likewise is extremely knowledgeable in the HR Management business which itself is a boon for their clients. HR Tactics has so far worked/working with a vast array of organizations including KNEO Automation, Alta futuris, Aashai Technologies and Talserv India among others.

The HR Tactics
The company offers mainly its services in the field of HR Practices, Organizational Development, Hiring Solutions, and Employer Branding. Further, the company provides a wide range of HR Practice services that include Recruitment and Selection, Induction and Onboarding, Payroll, Compensation and
benefits, Appraisals, Learning and Development, Rewards and Recognition, and Employee Engagement. HR Tactics help its clients in drafting the exact and perfect job descriptions for hiring the right and the best candidate within the defined time frames. The company has developed core competencies in Manpower Budgeting, Job Analysis, Job Description, Sourcing Channels, Flow of Interviews, Interview Feedback, etc.

HR Tactics has developed a hiring methodology that concentrates on the internal factors of the company. Story Telling elements in hiring adds real value to candidate's attraction and engagement. HR Tactics educates Hiring Managers and Interview Panelists on conducting meaningful interviews and their story-telling elements play a vital role in the entire recruitment process.

HR Tactics identifies the Key Performance Indicators and ensures that the objectives used to measure performance are balanced and strategically aligned to the various sources of value to the organization. HR Tactics also offers Employer Branding that offers many benefits to businesses such as distinguishing them from their competitors and connecting them with the values of their employees and target applicants. The major steps involved consist of creating a positive and compelling image, clearly and Consistent Communication, Employee Encouragement, and Reinforcement of the public image of the organization.

Self Discipline, Teamwork, and Commitment to its clients have made HR TACTICS the most valued Strategic HR Solutions and Services Provider in the industry

The firm knows well the value of all sizes of businesses and ensures that their services are charged as the clients' budget with no compromise in the result. HR Tactics' consulting services are exceptional and add value to the specific HR needs of its clients. HR Tactics is well experienced in designing employee engagement programs especially in new normal business conditions.

Capable of building the HR department right from scratch, HR Tactics is yet more equipped in assisting the existing HR team to perform extra effectively to meet business objectives. The company has been helping its clients in crafting meaningful purpose for their organizational and operational levels, and cost optimization on processes, people, and technology. This has gained HR Tactics a huge number of clientele that includes various start-ups and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) LIKE Mesh BA Solutions, Value add Softech & Systems Pvt. Ltd., and many more. Clients can benefit continuance of HR practices through collaboration with HR Tactics. `No Disruption of services' is a unique benefit that HR Tactics offer.