Huddlers Innovation: Innovative & cutting-edge Business Solutions

Surojit Sen, Co-Founder & CEO,Sourav Gupta, Co-Founder & Director

Surojit Sen, Co-Founder & CEO

Sourav Gupta, Co-Founder & Director

Emerging technologies and developments are shaping the future. The modern-day marketing is different than a decade ago, and the future of digital marketing will be way more different. From banners to big data, digital marketing has continuously adapted to meet the needs of customers and brands alike. Mobile is on the rise. Digital transformation is affecting buying behaviours and decisions of consumers. With this, brands have understood the need of connecting with customers in real time through all of these devices by creating the right social media campaigns, e-commerce, and display advertising. They are using powerful narratives to tap into people’s desires, wishes, and aspirations.

One such company working to bring together an interesting mash up of a unique range of skill sets to craft creative communication solutions is Kolkata-based Huddlers Innovation Pvt. Ltd. The company is best defined as a small bunch of huddlers who have come together from various domains with an aligned vision of innovating in the communication, branding & marketing spaces. The core team at Huddlers Innovation has a strong foundation with regard to brand building, core marketing and prides of having a cumulative experience of 40+ years in the communication space. That is a lot of experience to calibrate the obvious and envision what will be shaping the branding, communication and marketing spaces in the times to come. Surojit Sen, Co-
Founder & CEO, has been building brands for about two decades including leadership roles in growth hacking, tech-enabled marketing solutions and profit centre establishments. Sourav Gupta, Co-Founder & Director, comes loaded with a cracker of an experience across advertising agencies and core marketing having worked with a few of the biggest telecom service providers.

An Edge over Others
Huddlers Innovation was incorporated in end of May 2019 with the sole aim of offering innovative creative solutions to tackle business needs rather than merely tackling communication briefs. The formal operations began in September 2019 from a small office in a quiet by-lane in Kolkata. The team’s combined experience from their previous stints helped them understand the business need rather than focusing on prevalent branding tools and proprietary mechanisms mostly utilized by large communication agencies. “We make the client explicitly agree that we do understand their business before even we start working on the communication/ marketing requirement. And this is what has given us an edge over others, over the years,” mentions Surojit.

Huddlers’ collaborative business model allows it to partner and associate with the best in the industry in India and beyond

The company’s collaborative business model allows it to partner and associate with the best in the industry, in India and beyond to ensure that they bring new, innovative and relevant solutions on the table. The unique mashup of Content, Immersive Experiences, Sports Marketing, IPs (content and experiential), Product Design and Collaborations will be shaping up what we do and how we do. Our intent is not to bombard the core audience multiple times, but to ensure that even a single/ double exposure or experience is impactful enough to find its way into the already cluttered mind-space of the person. Driven by core behavioural habits of people, we constantly strive to create solutions to tackle the business need and target the core audience,” he asserts.

What’s Next!
Right now, the company is focusing on formalizing collaborations across some of the best names in India and overseas. From the best in sports management to the sole rights holder across cinemas, cafes and airports to one of the world’s biggest technology partners overseas to a patent holder in energy creating experiential marketing and more. Moving forward, Huddlers Innovation is set to become a hub for innovation, creativity and equity.