Hunger Must Die: Serving Delicious Night Cuisines at Your Doorstep

Varun Anand ,Founder

Varun Anand


City that never sleeps can’t run on empty stomach. Late sleepers, night shift employees, students or party makers, anyone can catch by hunger at night and they are only left with options to self-cook or embark on a food joint hunting. Making it easier, Hunger Must Die (HMD) is an exclusive online food marketplace that doesn’t want night-persons to step into kitchen or go out looking for meals when it becomes dark. Serving from 7:00 PM to 4:00 AM, HMD is making sure that its customers never sleep unfed.

Varun Anand, the founder of HMD who used to work and study late night regularly, had always thought of savoring affordable and authentic Indian-Mughlai foods at his door step in the middle of the night, which was an alien concept in the market. Perceiving this crater as an opportunity, Varun incepted Hunger Must Die in March 2015. Started as a four-table restaurant in South Delhi with mid-night home deliveries, the brand HMD spread like a wildfire to edges
and corners of the city in quick-time. Direct street marketing combined with social media marketing fueled this and proffered the company a high brand value and this ever growing demand today pushes it to expand in Delhi big-time.

If the customers are not satisfied with HMD’s products, they change the dish and give out in free

The Attractions

Currently, this unique food-startup offers a large variety of delicious Indian-Mughlai & non-Indian foods (also serves drinks and snacks) which are prepared as per exclusive HMD recipes. Considering the customer ecosystem which mostly consist of students, the company cares to price considerably less for all the items; even the meal for two costs only Rs.200 when others charge double. Comprehensively understanding the formula to make customers happy and keep in touch, HMD cooks special dishes according to the customer-directions and taste suggestions.

In addition, the menu card contains a large number of HMD signature products and combos as well. Any new customer is offered with 15 percent discount on their first order and having membership card of HMD brings further benefits. “The orders
above Rs.150 are delivered for free and we give away cokes and chocolates on orders above Rs.400,” says Varun. Apart from food products, it also delivers other necessities which occupy 20 percent of their sales such as paper rolls, cigarettes, Hookahs and much more.

The organization not only knows the customer’s tastes bud but also serves them with quality food products. In order to make sure of this extreme quality, it uses only branded ingredients (most of them are Amul products, while the groceries are bought from and makes use of the service of qualified chefs. “If the customers are not satisfied with our products, we change the dish and give out in free,” adds Varun. This customer-satisfaction driven milieu currently brings the organization around 60 orders per night.

Looking Ahead

The local-boys team of HMD who knows each & every corner of the city is a boon to the company. Going forward, the organization is preparing to launch a wafer brand with the help of a flavor enhancing company in Germany, while on the other hand trying to add more products under desserts, pizzas, continental and Chinese. And Varun assures the Indian-Mughlai touch for all those new entries. Sticking up with basics and covering the necessities of customers, HMD is looking for bright success.