HyLyt: A Unified Information Management & Collaboration Platform

  Rajat Singhania,       FounderData is the new driving force behind every given business's success. Having said that, it has become critical for these businesses to retain and manage data in order to extract the greatest benefits from it. Further, utilizing all of an organization's knowledge is an excellent method to optimize its potential. Companies have a wealth of untapped knowledge inside their workforce that is either dormant or restricted to specific employees or departments.

HyLyt is a proprietary patented multifunctional platform for data management and data sharing designed for the comfort and convenience of smartphone users. It provides robust information management and solutions like never before. The platform is developed to save time and energy, making work time more productive, wherein, it is the needed source of curative information. This app controls access to personal and business content on a single platform in a safe environment that can be downloaded and used from anywhere. A simple program for saving, managing, and sharing data from numerous sources across electronic devices.

HyLyt has always focused on harnessing digital technology to assist clients in managing their digital data overload in a sensible and efficient manner. The HyLyt app enables users to safely manage information across several applications without worry of data breach. Today, the company is known in the market for providing customized technological solutions for information aggregation, data structure, improved and more effective information retrieval, security, and control. HyLyt additionally adds value by providing ECM solutions and video conferencing/chatting platforms for improved collaboration and communication.
"We all use a variety of products, and each one has some level of information. Multiple data silos imply that your critical information is spread across multiple locations. Organizations are all faced with an abundance of data. We use a four pillar method to offer an easier, instant way to push any information from any platform onto the hylyt ecosystem in a structured, safe, and robust manner. We are attempting to create a user level Google to handle your organisational data” says Rajat Singhania, Founder at HyLyt.

We use a four pillar method to offer an easier, instant way to push any information from any platform onto the HyLyt ecosystem in a structured, safe, and robust manner Rajat Singhania

HyLyt is the brainchild of Rajat Singhania who wanted to ensure that today's businesses prosper by making the best use of data. The company's goal is to produce 2.5 billion additional productive hours by 2026 by allowing consumers to save and manage all of their vital information in a single app. Interlinking and connecting data/files across many folders becomes difficult when the same piece of information is relevant in more than one data point. The relational matrix structure of HyLyt allows users to save and manage all key organisational data from many apps and sources in one location. Furthermore, there is centralised control over who can and cannot utilise the data.

Because there are seas of unstructured data to go through, HyLyt has been addressing this by providing clients with a multipoint search or filter operation. One can precisely pinpoint the data or information required. Furthermore, strong quality standards are in place to ensure that no data is compromised at any given level or department.

"We never disrupt our clients' business activities, but rather merge them with technology to improve productivity and efficiency by handling vital business data holistically. We are currently focusing on the B2B sector. Since various customers have distinct unique requirements, we will continue to focus on offering the latest technology to clients' disposal in order to assure better management, save time and make better decisions for business success”, concludes Rajat.