Ibent Energy: Created With Passion & Purpose To Contribute Towards Sustainable Future

Shiv Jain,Managing Director

Shiv Jain

Managing Director

The international automotive industry is in the midst of a paradigm change as it endeavours to transition towards electric energy solutions after having been dependent on fossil fuel-based vehicles for more than a century. Talking about India, according to a recent survey, the Indian Electric Vehicle (EV) market was valued at US $5 billion in 2020 and is predicted to reach US $47 billion by 2026, showing an astounding CAGR of more than 44 percent.

Various Government support measures including the FAME scheme, initiatives towards building the EV charging infrastructure, FDI policy, and more, are some of the key factors influencing this expansion. Growing awareness about the Ecofriendliness and pocket-friendliness of EVs has also helped it significantly. Marking a milestone in this industry is IBENT ENERGY. Established in 2022, IBENT is a 100 percent Indian Electric vehicle manufacturing company, set up to offer high-quality value for money transport solutions for its users across India & global markets.

“The inspiration for the business was sparked by a combination of personal passions, professional experiences, and future aspirations. Since 2010, I've been working in China's automobiles and steel industries. However, with Covid hitting in early 2020, I decided to move back to India. This move became a turning point in my life. While at home, I studied about NEMMP 2020 regarding the promotion of EVs in India and the Government’s plan to incentivize
consumers to buy 6-7 million electric vehicles YOY from 2020 onwards. Finally, by Oct 2021, I decided to follow my passion and hunch to venture out into this domain of EVs”, says Shiv Jain, Managing Director.

IBENT is committed to offering eco-friendly two-wheeler solutions to its customers while contributing to making India greener with its 'Zero Pollution' transport solutions. “We offer world-class, safe, and economical EV solutions with a committed & professional after-sales service. Our target customers are the people who need value for moneysafe products with all modern features. We started with just 3 models of E2W but now expanding our product range to over 7-8 models with different variants before March 2023. Our range comprises VRLAbased economical variants as well as Lithium Ferro Phosphate-based higher mileage variants in different models viz. PRIMAX, PRODIGY, BREEZ, ELITE, ELEXA, FINESSE, WOLF, THUNDER, and more. A professional after sales service is our core strength area”, speaks Shiv.

The company’s vision is to be a trusted EV Brand in the Indian market!

Led by Leaders with a Vision
IBENT was established in Jan 2022 by Shiv Jain and Ranjana Jain. While Shiv has over 30 years of international exposure in the automobile and steel industries working in the domains of Supply Chain Management, Systems building, Business Development, and Products development; Ranjana has administrative skills & a wide circle of friends & acquaintances that have been quite a support during the initial phase of the company. IBENT has been equally fortunate to have a great team, where every member is dedicated to contributing his/her best for the growth of the company.

In the first phase, IBENT is expanding its dealer network in north-western Indian states like Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh, where it's in the process to appoint 50-60 dealers/distributors by March 2023 with a very encouraging and supportive response from the market keen to venture out in the field of electric mobility.

Future Roadmap
IBENT is and will continue to be an ethical, socially responsible, and ecologically mindful company in all business dealings with an objective to be a great electric two-wheeler company by providing dependable, economical, fashionable, and energy-efficient vehicles while helping to benefit the society and the environment. It not only intends to increase the variety of products it offers but also introduce very soon 100 percent Indian-made high-speed E2W & high-speed E3W models.