iClinic Healthcare: Manifesting 'e-Hospitals' through Remote-Assisted Consultation

Sanjoy Mukerji,Founder & MD

Sanjoy Mukerji

Founder & MD

Emergence of mobile and internet in India have ‘bestowed’ 173 million people with spending Rs.439 on average in mobile bills a month. Poor medical facilities in the remote areas and costly treatments have welcomed e-Hospitals for online medical consultation. Being in the booming telecommunication industry, Sanjoy Mukerji, the former Chief Commercial Officer of Vodafone India, felt the essentiality of bridging the gap of ‘miles’ with tele-connectivity through an online portal where people from any corner can avail medical readiness at a relatively lower cost from established specialists. The pet project of Sanjoy and his friend Varun Berry, the MD of Britannia, iClinic was established in 2012. Sanjoy wanted to take the challenge of providing services to virtually every Indian from cities to isolated villages amidst visual discernment in remote medical diagnosis in numerous nations.

Amongst exorbitant treatment at private hospitals and destitute government healthcare facilities, people received a sigh of relief through a financially savvy, advantageous and reachable medical consultation right at their homes through iClinic. New Delhi predicated iClinic’s
progressive methodology of associating with the local nursing-homes, tehsils and district-headquarters, has rejuvenated the Indian Healthcare IT sector. Through remote-assisted-consultation, iClinic bridges the gap between the general medico, super-specialty doctor and patient.

Through remote-assistedconsultation, iClinic bridges the gap between the general medico, superspecialty doctor and patient

Alleviating the Agony of Long-Queue

Distinctive from standard restorative administrations, iClinic fills in as a stage to connect a patient and a doctor through live chat, video-conference and eventually, the specialist gives indited consultation. In this procedure, a local doctor assists as the extension to help the pro and patient, and endorse medications if needed. Joining hands with renowned hospitals like Pushpanjali, Fortis-Noida & Mohali and Medica- Kolkata, iClinic provides online consultation to corporates such as Vodafone, Pepsi, Aircel, Jubilant, Dixon Technologies and many more globally. This healthcare consultant also has partnered with veteran and puerile specialist doctors to accommodate patients online. Contiguous to consultation services, iClinic also has a patient’s forum where people share their experience on the ailments and symptoms checker, which helps in getting information on the relevant symptoms.
To fuel up consummate medical assistance, iClinic has recently merged with Diagno Labs, a pathological laboratory service provider with over 1700 collection centre across India besides a prestigious lab in Medanta’s hospital in Indore. These labs offer variety of technologies which include PCRs, Genomics, Histopathology and Tissue Microarray Service for new-born screening. To work on the customer-feedbacks, iClinic’s 35 member team at the back looks up to web for more information and trends on the technology as Sanjoy integrates, “We believe in whatever marketing you can do, patient and customer referral matter more than anything else. We work on that so the patients and customers are slaked”.

Prospecting Next-Gen e-Hospitals

India, being a country with just 0.7 physicians per 1,000 people, it’s imminent to have more doctors. While 69 percent of the Indians are still outcast in the provincial areas where on average, it takes 20 kilometres to reach a hospital; making tele-medicine an absolute necessity. With expeditious rollout of 3G in over 1400 towns already with 200 million internet users, iClinic seeks to reach out to at least 1,000 towns in next three years. Receiving a positive response from North-East India, this company wants Mumbai as a hub and aims to reach most of the west. In an industry that is expected to attain $250 billion by 2020, iClinic with its unique offerings and 10,000 plus consultation since inception, shines effulgently and has a long way to go.